Email marketing hacks to acquire and retain customers

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2022)

Email marketing is not dead. While most things require your keen attention, did you know you could automate some of your work just through emails? These email marketing hacks may just be your answer.

Emails are one of the most effective conventional ways of engaging your customers. It has also proven to be useful in both customer acquisition and retention. But, this requires manpower and time. To overcome this hurdle, use automated emails to help reach out and engage with your customers.

Here are some automated email marketing hacks:

Targeting new customers:

When a customer first signs up with you, it’s ideal to send a welcome email.

Through this mail, you can help your customer get to know your brand better. Additionally, you can collect information in terms of their product preferences, likings and more. This can help you craft customized emails in the future to help convert them.

Some email ideas you could use are:

  1. Send your customers discount coupons.
  2. Offer them a sneak peek into new product launches.
  3. Allow them to understand your brand, products, and offerings to help them associate better with you.

While emails, are mostly formal in nature and come with a word limit, you can also encourage your users to follow you on various social channels. This allows for an informal mode of communication, which can help build customer loyalty and convert them into repeat customers.

Targeting repeat customers:

Customer acquisition involves a huge sum of money. Hence, it is crucial for you as a business, to ensure you convert these first-time customers into repeat customers. While you can use a host of retention marketing strategies, here are some easy and inexpensive automated email marketing strategies to get your customers to transact with you more often.

Repeat customers already are well aware of your brand, products, and offerings. Use their shopping and search history to send them emails regarding recommendations, price drops, additional discounts on products on their wishlist. This will encourage them to transact with you more often and also help brand recall.

Follow-up emails:

Follow-up emails can be of either transactional or promotional nature. After a customer makes a purchase, you can send them emails about tracking their package and other recommendations as well.  This will help build a trust between you and the customer.

You can use this to also send your customers promotional codes for their future buys, recommendations for complimentary products and more. This will help you to convert these customers into recurring customers, which would further increase sales and revenue.

Emails that add value to your customers:

While most of the emails you send your customers are related to your products, offerings and sometimes even discounts, they don’t add value. It is important for you as a business, to also genuinely help your customers in your domain of expertise.

Some of the ways you can do this are:

Source: Pinterest

Educational content:

Let’s assume you are in the cosmetics industry. This industry comes with a lot of ambiguity in terms of what skincare routines one must follow, how to pick the right foundation etc. While you can send your customers generic emails, you can also send them content which helps them.

Source: Elastic Email

You could help them understand what will work for their skin type, best practices to achieve various beauty parameters and so on. This would not only help your customers understand your product offerings better, but also give you an opportunity to recommend complementary products to increase your sales.

Newsletters are the best way to not just educate your customers but also to generate leads.

Personalize your brand:

To engage your customers, it’s important that they get to know you on a more human level. Let your customers know your story, your journey, and future plans.

For instance Suganda products help customers with customized skin care products. Bindu Amrutham started the business after she faced skin related issues which no other skin care products could help her.

Source: Pinterest

This would particularly be important if you are an NGO or a business which is looking for crowdfunding or donations. This will help your customers to associate with you for longer periods of time, thereby helping you with both brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

Employ the art of storytelling:

While pointers and blunt reads help for a quick and easy glance into your offerings, this just won’t suffice. Incorporate the art of storytelling to make compelling reads. This is the perfect recipe to create curiosity, engagement, and customer retention.

While these strategies may help you increase your customer base, it is crucial to retain them as well. This can be done when you provide your customers with a good user experience.

Source: Pinterest

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