How to Use Email Marketing During the Lockdown

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(Last Updated On: June 9, 2021)

Email is one communication channel that hasn’t gone into a lockdown ever. Over the last 50 years, quarantine or not, people have been sending and receiving emails for both personal and business use. That’s why we teamed up with Hubspot – a global inbound marketing expert – to build an email marketing course specifically for Indian business and marketers.

Did you know, over 60% of Indian businesses use email to communicate with customers and also drive revenue and engagement? We’ll help you get started with it and if you’re already doing it, we’ll help you get better.

Benefits of sending emails during a lockdown:

Small businesses all over the world are feeling the pinch of lost revenue during the pandemic + lockdown. At such a time, it’s important to leverage on a low-cost, high-return tool like email marketing to ensure your customers stay interested in your business and all you offer as a brand.

Emails deliver a stronger Return on Investment:

For every Rs. 70 spent on email, there is an ROI of Rs. 3000.

Welcome emails have a high open-rate. Every time a customer signs up on your website, send a welcome email. It should be simple, short and clickable. Email marketers believe that sending an email daily to customers ensures a better ROI for your business.

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Email marketing ensures you keep your customers:

Invest in human sentiment. Statistics show that emails with personalised subject lines generate 50% higher open rates. If a customer has abandoned their cart, send them an email assuring them that their items will remain saved in cart till lockdown is lifted and shipping services resume.

Cart abandonment emails also help you convert potential customers to active customers. Imagine this, an angry customer might turn to social media to address an issue, but when you request them to send a customer support email and stay in touch with them there, you avoid a public showdown and keep it professional with your customer.

Emails give access to a mobile crowd:

Over 85% of Indians open an email using their smartphones. Your email marketing campaigns can use this to its benefit. There has been a sudden increase in online activity since people are confined to their houses, so the percentage of people checking their email on a gadget they carry everywhere has increased exponentially.

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Email marketing trumps social media for businesses:

At a time when brands are blowing up their social media with LIVE videos, posts and stories about the lockdown, email is an underrated but useful tool. A McKinsey report stated that the average order value of an email is at least 3x higher than the average order value of social media posts.

Email automation tools increase traffic to your website:

All your emails to customers need a CTA (Call To Action) that leads them to your website. When you send emails bi-weekly, daily, or monthly as a newsletter, add a CTA at the bottom of your email. Email is not expensive, and if you are starting out, you can also get free packages for bulk emails from several tools.

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Examples of email marketing done right during the lockdown

This is the right time to reach out to customers and reassure them. Do not work too hard on promoting your products, instead communicate trust and safety. Let customers know you are thinking of them, and mean it. Sending

Here are examples of a few email marketing campaigns:

Letters About COVID19 – A daily newsletter that navigates around the pandemic and sends updates to the public. When media outlets are spending hours around the topic, this newsletter by Salman Mushir gives people the information they need.

Letters about COVID-19

Zapier’s Emailer for Social Distancing:

During a lockdown, spend time on providing information to customers, not just discount codes or subscription plans. Here, Zapier, an automation software, talks about personalization with a subtle, yet catchy subject line.

zapier email marketing Instamojo


Instamojo’s NewsLetter on Taking Care of Mental Health:

Remember when we mentioned using empathy as a key sentiment when sending emails to customers? Instamojo’s fortnightly newsletter SME Wrap urged small business owners to take care of their health and also mentioned all discounted and free upgrades for our customers during this tough time.

SME Wrap Instamojo email marketing course

Bonobo’s smart discount offer: 

Bonobos email marketing

Chumbak’s colourful email campaign on Friendship Day: 

Chumbak Emailer Instamojo

FREE Email marketing course powered by Hubspot on mojoVersity

Do you know how to calculate Click-Through Rate and Open Rate on your emailers? Have you mastered the perfect subject line for your rebranding emailer that over 4000 people will receive? How do you ensure you do not end up in the spam folder of your customers’ inbox?

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Email marketing goes beyond scheduling an email and pressing send. We partnered with Hubspot for our e-learning platform, mojoVersity, and created a complete email marketing course for your business.

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This course explains in detail,  why email is superior to social media platforms. Email is personal, safe, and easy to communicate with.

The email marketing course is completely FREE and provides quick solutions for your business to increase and retain customers and online presence with the power of email marketing.


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