Fuelling the Future: How MyPetrolPump Tracks Online Payments

Fuelling the Future: How MyPetrolPump Tracks Online Payments Instamojo
(Last Updated On: June 6, 2021)

When you are hungry, you order food on Swiggy or Zomato. When you need petrol or diesel, you order from Mypetrolpump.

You heard that right. Now, you can have fuel delivered right to your doorstep, without the hassle of waiting in long queues at the petrol pump. This on-demand petrol supplier provides fuel to schools and offices for refuelling vehicles and generators for their power backup.

Who is Mypetrolpump?

Like many Bangalore-based Startups, MyPetrolpump was the brainchild of an engineer who wanted to tackle daily fuel problems faced by city dwellers.  

Mypetrolpump is an online platform that provides doorstep delivery of diesel for generators (DG sets)/cars, in a safe, reliable and efficient way. The company works towards meeting refuelling needs of citizens and address the problems of safety, adulteration and pilferage in fuel handling.

Mypetrolpump was born in July 2016. Founded by a team of engineers and innovative entrepreneurs who were tired of seeing their fuel tank almost empty in the middle of a long traffic jam.

What does MyPetrolPump do?

For those who live in a bustling city, Mypetrolpump is a godsend.  Founders Ashish Gupta and Nabin Roy started the company with the prime goal to supply fuel to schools, resident complexes and corporates. The company also seeks to reduce fuel theft, spillage and reduce fuel adulteration.

Mypetrolpump solves a major problem for those who are running short on time. The company’s doorstep refuelling services are designed to save businesses time and money. By placing an order with Mypetrolpump, businesses can reduce machinery downtime and eliminate the risks associated with storing, handling and tracking fuel supplies on site.

How do they deliver fuel?

Mypetrolpump has specialized mini refueller tanks that are ideal for accessing areas with limited space and difficult terrain. They get to areas in the state where big tanker trucks can’t, especially those accessed via roads and bridges with restricted weights.

How does Mypetrolpump work?

As an online platform, it is easier for anyone to make a bulk order on the company website. Once you visit the site, fill in your phone number and enter your OTP. 

Fuelling the Future: How MyPetrolPump Tracks Online Payments Instamojo

Once you do, enter your area pin code and the quantity of diesel you want to be delivered. The site will then calculate how much it will cost you after calculating the price of diesel per litre for the day.

There is a minimum requirement of 20 litres. Once you place your order and proceed to payment, the site offers you different online payment options.  MyPetrolpump supplies diesel directly to everyone from schools, hospitals, apartments and commercial setups running Diesel Generator sets & cars.

After payment, the fuel will be delivered to your location in specialized MyPetrolPump Tankers, as per your schedule.

Fuelling the Future: How MyPetrolPump Tracks Online Payments Instamojo

Identifying the problems, and fuelling a change.

A country like India requires around 85 billion litres of fuel yearly, but do not have the physical stations to meet that demand. The different challenges the company saw were:

  • Lack of access to fuel in rural areas
  • Increased pilferage and adulteration of fuel
  • Unsafe fuel handling and poor safety awareness
  • Lower numbers of petrol pumps resulting in long queues for petrol

Noticing these challenges, the folks at Mypetrolpump sought out to create a safe, foolproof method of supplying diesel in bulk to communities that need it. The company also seeks to personalise the experience of fuel delivery to improve the productivity, convenience, control, reliability, safety and savings on customers fuel management.

Fuelling the Future: How MyPetrolPump Tracks Online Payments Instamojo
Image Source: YourStory

Besides this, Mypetrolpump is looking to expand its scope towards creating an environmental friendly approach. This includes:

  • Reducing the time it takes for cars to reach petrol pumps
  • Reducing queues and traffic jams
  • Contributing to a decrease in city pollution.

India runs on diesel but does not have easy access to it, and Mypetrolpump aims to change that.

How does Instamojo help MyPetrolPump collect payments?

For a company with a futuristic goal, it is imperative that they embrace digital payments. Fortunately, they discovered Instamojo as a payment gateway. Currently, Mypetrolpump allows NEFT, POS, Cash, Debit/Credit and Netbanking transactions. They use Instamojo’s VAN (Virtual Account Number) feature to keep track of their customers’ online payments and our API integration for their mobile and website. The company prefers using NEFT transactions to track their online payments. This is mainly because:

  • NEFT transactions carry a lower charge for transactions.
  • There is no payment limit.
  • Repeat payments are easier as the beneficiary is already added.

Why use Virtual Account Number?

  • When customers made a payment before VAN, all payments came to the same account. They spent days mapping payments to customers.
  • Each customer registered on My Petrol Pump has a unique VAN. When fetching/downloading payment details—they know exactly which customer sent what amount (helping them reconcile NEFT payments)

Companies like Mypetrolpump use Instamojo’s API integration and on their mobile and app to collect payments in a seamless, easy manner.

Does your business need a hassle-free payment experience? Your business can use Instamojo’s NEFT, IMPS and RTGS for convenient payment collections on your app/website.


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