How To Prepare Your Small Business For The Third Wave of COVID

Third wave of covid
(Last Updated On: May 17, 2023)

While India is still recovering from the shock caused by the second wave of covid-19, we are hit with another prediction of the third wave that could happen just around the end of August. To help your business stay prepared for the Delta Variant, we have put together a checklist so you can stay ahead of the curve (we hope it can remain as flat as it can!).

How businesses survived the first and second wave of COVID-19

Small businesses in India have been resiliently fighting COVID since the pandemic broke out. We saw many businesses shut shop but the ones that prepared with these 7 tips stayed afloat. 

In fact, we also saw some emerging business trends in India during the pandemic. More people went remote and started online businesses as a side hustle.

But as the virus adapts and changes, so should your business. This wave is going to be different from the previous ones. So how can your business stay prepared for uncertainty?

This article is for you if you own a small business or want to start one in the middle of a pandemic.

How to stay prepared for the third wave of COVID (Delta variant)

1. Going direct to customer (D2C)

Businesses that made a digital transformation persisted through the first two waves. But for the third wave, entrepreneurs need to understand the importance of selling directly to customers.

Sounds difficult? Don’t worry. It’s easier than you think it is. Take a look at this ebook which can help you with the basics.


D2C for SMEs: A detailed ebook on setting up your direct-to-consumer brand. Consumers have started to directly turn to the brands’ websites or online stores to buy products. If your business does not have an online store yet, you’re probably losing out a huge portion of your sales and revenue.

A lot of known and emerging Indian companies — like Boat, mamaearth, and Nykaa have adopted the D2C route to reach their consumers better.

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2. eCommerce strategies

With everyone trying to improve their online presence, how does one stand out? Just having an online presence on social media is not enough. You need strong eCommerce strategies to keep pace with your competitors while providing new sources of revenue. 

Small businesses – You may lose out to larger businesses with an outdated e-commerce site that does not do much. An eCommerce store that facilitates digital commerce capabilities including a smooth online payments experience and shipping to several PIN codes is what you need.

The Instamojo premium online store is the easiest option for you. You can set up an online eCommerce website for free and upgrade to an affordable premium plan at the cost of a cup of masala chai!

Instamojo premium store offers – 

  1. Online payment solutions with over 100+ payment modes
  2. Unlimited product uploads
  3. 20+ themes to choose from
  4. Free in-built marketing tools
  5. Shipping with mojoXpress
  6. Faster payout options

You could refer to this short and easy tutorial video to set up your eCommerce business seamlessly.

3. Practicing mindfulness

Attending to your mental health needs will be even more important in the coming months. Rates of depression and anxiety are expected to surge during the third wave. Many are mourning the deaths of friends and loved ones.

To stay focused, practicing mindfulness for entrepreneurs is essential. It gives you a bird’s eye perspective of the current problem. Looking at a problem without emotion or attachment allows you to gain insight into objective ways of solving them. 

We highly recommend you to check out this in-depth guide on Mindfulness For Entrepreneurs: Grow With Your Business

Instamojo’s NewsLetter on Taking Care of Mental Health:

Instamojo’s fortnightly newsletter SME Wrap urged small business owners to take care of their health during this critical period. We also mentioned all discounted and free upgrades for our customers during this tough time.

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4. Stay updated on current trends

India is seeing a steady rise in eCommerce trends since the second wave struck – and a lot of it could benefit the industry. In fact, eCommerce is expected to grow up to $140 billion by 2025 – and we will all be here to see it.

Every business is checking up on these trends to ensure they keep up with them to boost sales. You should too! Keep an eye out for all the latest eCommerce trends and customer behaviors happening around you.

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Last but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe and take precautions – double mask and sanitize. For everything business-related, you can always rely on Instamojo.


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