5 Secrets To Make More Money As a Freelancer in India

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2023)

Being a freelancer goes hand in hand with being in control, setting your own terms, and enjoying the perks of flexible working hours, among other things.

Being a freelancer also means working without the backing of an HR team, on multiple projects under various bosses, chasing deadlines, dealing with different clients, erratic work hours and making sure there is enough work in the kitty that keeps the money coming.

Here are a few pointers that will help freelancers organize and make the most out of their freelancing jobs.

Be the CEO

A lot of people think being a freelancer is for the non-committed, who cannot work in a formal office under a boss. This does not stand true all the time. A freelancer has to be extremely entrepreneurial.

A freelancer is the heart and soul of his business, he is the one to get the clients, work on the projects, follow up with the clients and make sure his payments are credited to his account in time.

He is the one making sure that he makes enough money every month to pay his bills and save a certain amount too.

Being a full-time freelancer is more like being the CEO of your own startup, which makes you responsible for everything that goes into making your work a success.

Initially, you should try to get some clients and work on their projects satisfactorily.

Market your services on various social media channels to create a buzz about yourself and your services.

If the services you offer are of the optimum quality, word of mouth should do the rest of the trick.

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The creative edge

If you have chosen to freelance as your career, you have chosen to compete with tonnes of them out there.

To excel in this market you must offer something unique and creative to your client. Try to offer your client innovative ideas that could help him, as well as your business, grow.

It is all about your talent and how you utilize it.

Determination is key

Start small, one step at a time – make sure you are determined disciplined and consistent in what you do.

There might be times when you face rejection and do not fetch enough work, don’t let such times disappoint you.

Make the most of your free time by sharpening your skills and improving the quality of your work. Market your services well. Constant and steady growth is the key to success as a freelancer.

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Keep good company

Join a group of freelancers and stay in touch with them. You can exchange tips that you learned along the way through the experience. Here is a list of good freelancer networking communities and platforms. 

Freelancers would best understand the challenges faced in the world of freelancing and offer solutions too.

Don’t forget to spend some good time with your family and friends they would be able to provide you with the best support when you need it.

Take a break when you feel like it

Giving up your traditional job and working as a freelancer can be very challenging, especially in the first few weeks when you are trying your best to market your services, generate and follow leads and get some good work in your kitty.

Working in isolation as a freelancer could also have repercussions. We suggest you take a break. It could be a 15-minute coffee break, a board game with your family or a relaxing weekend spent with friends.

Pick what you like and just relax while you are away from work, so you can spring right back in action after your break.

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Do what you love, love what you do. Be bold and experiment. Give your best to each and every assignment you take up. Just rock it as a freelancer.

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