Indian D2C brands with killer Instagram marketing strategies

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(Last Updated On: January 12, 2023)

In this post, we’ll take you through 5 D2C brands with Instagram marketing strategies that are out of this world.

There’s a reason why 81% of people on Instagram use the platform to research products and services. The platform is growing familiar for images and products alike.

These brands grew through social media and have already taken up a spot in people’s hearts.

Suta – bringing out a story behind products

Suta is a home grown clothing brand that creates Indian traditional wear with a blend of contemporary fashion.

suta instagram marketing startegy

Every post they put out is like a story of the origin of the cloth or about the ‘personality’ of the product. This makes them stand out from the crowd as a one-of-a kind brand.

Suta touches a chord with their audience by blending their stories and theirs as part of their brand.

Nua – Educating audience

Nua is women’s period care brand and are also dedicated to spreading awareness.

Educating followers is usually done through written content; however, Nua employs a mixture of memes, videos, and “did you know?”-kind content as means of engaging their base. Additionally, the brand provides tutorials for followers in terms of how to effectively use their products.

nua woman instagram marketing strategies

Pro tip: Education, humour, and curiosity are powerful tools to keep followers coming back for more.

They harnesses hashtags such as #GoWithYourFlow and uses bold imagery. Also, if you haven’t already taken the time to create a hashtag for your brand, this is your sign to do so.

BlissClub – Content from excited followers

BlissClub is a community first consumer brand crafting insanely comfortable activewear for women.

bliss club instagram

The brand is a masterful example of user generated content (UGC) in action. BlissClub features women of diverse body shapes and sizes. As quoted from their Instagram bio ‘On a mission to spread happiness thru movement for #WomenWhoMove!’

Key takeaway: Bring your audience into the equation. Re-post content that they share and create content based on their pain points.

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Examples of Instagram marketing strategies – takeaways

Diversify your content – Don’t expect to just blast deals and expect any sort of traction from your followers. Likewise, switch up which types of visual content you put out there. From personal photos to infographics and beyond, the possibilities are seemingly endless: there’s no reason to tie yourself to one a single style of imagery.

Make a connection – Try to connect to their customers and followers. Whether it’s a personal touch or simply giving your base a shout-out, the seemingly simplest of touches can go a long way toward a more dedicated base.

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