3 reasons why your small business NEEDS to be on Facebook

small business and Facebook
(Last Updated On: November 23, 2022)

Are you a small business owner eager to build your own brand? Well, a crucial element of brand building is increasing its reach. And the easiest and fastest way to build your brand and grow your small business is to be on Facebook.

It is cost-effective, it’s practical and more importantly – it helps you provide real-time information and product updates and news to your customers.

Here is a deep dive into the 3 essential reasons why your small business needs to be on Facebook.

Facebook is the largest social media platform online 

Every single day, more than 1.9 billion people are on this platform making it the largest active social media platform in the world. And if you’re an Indian business owner, guess what? India has the highest number of Facebook users with 260 million members, and the USA follows next with 180 million users.

Every single person on Facebook has the opportunity to connect to millions of other people FOR FREE. Why would your business want to miss that opportunity?

Build a community on Facebook 

In eCommerce, you need to convince people to become your customers. Trust is the no. 1 factor that would encourage people to buy from you. And to build trust, you need a set of people who know your brand and are satisfied with your products.

People need to know who they are buying from, and if it is going to be worth the money spent. For Direct-to-Consumer brands, building a community becomes extremely crucial if they want higher conversions.

Facebook provides that perfect platform for you to tell your brand story. People who have bought from you can use that space to talk about you, increasing your brand awareness.

You can use your Facebook business page to sell online, or engage with your audience in other ways like posting conversational content, encouraging discussions etc. You can also use this platform for important updates, and information about your products.

This also allows you to know more about your audience and their expectations from you.

Don’t have a business page yet? Here’s how to set it up. 

Reach your target audience 

Every business has a target audience. A set of people who would want to buy exactly what you’re selling. This set of people would have similar characteristics. It’s important for you as a business owner to first define your target audience persona.

Once you have that target audience in place, you now need to find them.  Well, this is where social media platforms play a role in helping you grow your business.

If you are selling on Facebook, or if you have an eCommerce website of your own, you need to promote it effectively. You can do it organically by building a community as we mentioned earlier or you would need to run ads.

Facebook tracks your business activity and gives you relevant insights into your audience. It narrows down your audience so that the money you pay on ads does not go to waste.

The ads are shown only to those sets of people who might be interested in your product based on their age, gender demographics, occupation etc.

Source: Facebook

So now you have the added advantage of not only having an online store to showcase your entire range of products in a catalogue. But you also can now accelerate its discovery by reaching out to a genuinely interested audience.

Enjoy being an effortless entrepreneur with Instamojo.

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