Instamojo customer support team: The love that we get ❤️

Instamojo customer support
(Last Updated On: September 21, 2023)

Instamojo is a community. A community that grows as the people and their businesses grow. For any business to thrive for as long as a decade (we are 10 years strong woohoo!), certain things stand out.

A product or service needs to keep improving. But, if there is one thing that needs to be excellent from Day 1 – is customer service. 

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have consistently received immense love and appreciation for our customer support team through the years. Their unwavering dedication and exceptional service have continuously delighted our valued customers.

Don’t believe me? Have a look yourself.

Customer service – the cornerstone of a great company 

Customers are the king. And a customer support team has to do the job of making them feel like royalty. That means a good customer support team will:

  1. Be fast with their responses so that the customers don’t feel neglected
  2. Constantly monitor feedback to improve
  3. Have a well-organized help center with support articles and FAQs
  4. Be available on multiple channels of communication
  5. Try to solve your unique problems creatively

How do we fare on these metrics? A glimpse: The content team at Instamojo likes putting the spotlight on the eCommerce success stories of our platform. You can read all of them here.

You will notice, that almost every single entrepreneur has had one thing to say about Instamojo customer support services: “Excellent and personalised”!

Let’s look at what people are saying! 

Here is a vote of confidence by Safana Mansuri who talked to our customer support team before deciding on our Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) plans!
In these, our team will completely set your online store up for you – and also assign you a dedicated account manager to inform you of our latest updates and features.

Do you want a walkthrough of our Do-It-Yourself-plans too?

Set up a call with us here! 

“Prompt service” Absolutely!  

See how Success Prem and Ayub Khan both show their appreciation for “prompt responses”. We understand that learning a new platform takes time. But we are there for you for any questions you may have.

You can also visit our help center for detailed written guides! 

Here’s another quick little appreciation for our quick service! 




Let’s talk about “ease of use”

Instamojo is THE simplest platform for your eCommerce needs.

Build an online store with ZERO coding skills. And on top of that – get a team that is intuitively responsive to your queries and doubts!

See what Avisa has to say.   

Instamojo customer support

Or Savi Verma! 

Instamojo customer support



We are after all human 

Mistakes can be made, queries can get overlooked. After all, we are human.

We get almost 200 support requests every day. Our team takes immense pride in being able to organise these requests and solve them eventually.

However, we do ask – please be patient with us. If there are queries that you haven’t yet gotten a resolution to: reach out to us
Just like this friendly user, who had a rough starting but then saw “the best experience with Instamojo customer support team so far”


When we receive love like this, it motivates us to work harder! <3

Another example of a rough start but a successful resolution. The words of Ramsai “haven’t noticed such support in other platforms” is a true testament to how we want to go above and beyond our roles as support.

Instamojo customer support

The team of Leads Guru
Thank you Leads Guru! Read their incredible growth story of coming from a tier 2 city to establishing a national educational presence here.

Commitment to customer satisfaction, Always! 

Our support team has consistently been appreciated for their genuine and friendly nature. After all, customer service by a chatbot and a human have to wildly differ in quality. Our support team strives for you to feel heard.

Look at this heartfelt feedback by Emmanuel. 

Instamojo customer support

Another glowing review left by the D2C business Astro Plus.


Talk to us – we are here 

Starting and running an online business comes with an infinite set of challenges. As an eCommerce platform, it is our responsibility to make things as smooth for you as possible.

With Instamojo, we promise you simplicity and ease. Our premium plans offer the best features, tools and third-party integrations to supercharge your growth.

Still, have doubts?

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