The top 5 themes used by Instamojo online store owners

Instamojo top online store themes
(Last Updated On: February 5, 2024)

Your online store theme is your online store’s personality. You need to take your time and decide which theme fits your brand, the product or service you sell and the overall message that you want to give to your customers.

Do you want a peppy vibe? A sober vibe? A powerful vibe?

It all comes down to a good theme! 

At Instamojo, you can choose from 19 beautiful online store themes. But how do you choose what is a good fit for you? Some things to consider are:

  • The colour schemes
  • Product display and aesthetics
  • Elements of the store that need to be highlighted
  • Other features like category, header, and footer

Let us show you the current favourites that are ruling the hearts of Instamojo users.


Our latest Instamojo online store theme is for the savvy entrepreneurs out there who want to follow the website design trends of 2024.

By choosing this theme they are opting for a design that is:

  • Clean
  • Minimal
  • Modern and minimalistic displays of product catalogues
  • Templatised blocks for tich texts & images
  • A variety of image sizes and shapes adds dimension to your product pages and home page

This theme gives customers a modern feel. With separate sections for image+text placement, it allows you to highlight certain products, features or promotions!


Looking for a professional tone for your online store? Accent may be a fit.

This theme has earthy vibes with its calm colour palette.

It is designed to:

  • Give a professional and serious tone
  • Focus on images mainly
  • Longer scrolls to showcase more on the homepage itself
  • Larger-than-life product features

This theme is good for online store owners who are trying to sell an experience! For example, those selling home decor online, baked goods, resorts and other travel services etc.

Check out the home decor brand – Live for Decor, using this theme perfectly.

Instamojo online store theme - Accent
Instamojo online store: Live for Decor


At Instamojo, Compass is a frequent favourite. It’s a clean and simple theme to showcase your product effectively.

It is designed to: 

  • Have a more fun vibe
  • Showcase products so that the text becomes as important as the image
  • Have muted colours to bring more focus to the product

Because of its more vertical-oriented display than horizontal, customers tend to scroll more.

This theme is perfect for online businesses where the product descriptions are important, for example: Clothes, services, digital products etc.

Earthen Nest, an online apparel brand uses Compass to highlight their different designs and collections.

Instamojo online store theme - compass

You can only enjoy these themes as a premium Instamojo user. Here are some other premium themes that you can look at before coming to a decision 

Not a premium Instamojo user yet? Start now! 

Explore Premium store plans

But till then, see two of our most popular themes that are COMPLETELY FREE.


When you create an online store for free, you can choose Cipher for your brand. It’s a simple look that helps eCommerce beginners understand how to play around with their product images and descriptions.

Instamojo free themes


The latest addition to our online store themes collection, Anchor is a good fit for new free online store users who want to get a feel of running an online business before they move on to more advanced online store tools and features.

Instamojo free themes


How to select themes for your premium online store

Once you upgrade your store plan, here are the steps to choosing a theme for your store:

Head to the dashboard > Click on Online Store > Store > Select Themes.

Instamojo online store themes

With Instamojo’s premium online store, you get access to over 19+ themes that are guaranteed to attract customers.


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