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Smart page enhancers
(Last Updated On: June 13, 2023)

The Instamojo App Store has had more than 30 apps and integrations with brand partners. The app store is designed to help you give your customers the best experience ever on your own independent online store.

And now, the Instamojo App Store has a brand new addition. A dedicated section for apps and features that are going to make your Smart Page experience unforgettable!

Instamojo Smart page app store
Instamojo Smart Page Enhancers

Let’s face it. Online stores and landing pages are two different things. And since the launch of our highly anticipated landing page builder last year, we realised the needs and the user experience was quite different. Talk to our team about your specific needs and how Smart Pages can help you! 

We had a brainstorming meeting internally where we decided. Enough is enough. We want business owners who create their one-page websites to also enjoy and offer an immersive experience to their customers.

Want to know what we have in store for you? Here we go!

Smart page enhancers – The complete walkthrough 

Currently, we have 7 apps (with more coming soon!) specially curated for a better landing page experience. Want higher conversions? Along with stunning landing page content, these apps can help add a lil’ extra pizzaz.

Insert Pop-ups 

Want to grab the attention of those who are going to exit your landing page without making a purchase? Try using pop-ups. Pop-ups are an insanely effective strategy that sees an average conversion rate of over 10%. 

You can choose from either POWR or Elfsight to get different styles and templates for the pop-ups that you want on your landing page. Here is a tutorial on integrating with POWR.

Add a Google Map integration with POWR

Conducting physical workshops and events? Why confuse your customer with a long text-based address?  Isn’t it easier to just integrate Google Maps on your landing page? With one click, not only does your customer know where to go – they can also simply follow directions on Google Maps!

Add a countdown timer to your Smart Page 

FOMO is an unbeatable marketing strategy for online businesses.  Maybe you are offering a limited deal or an exclusive offer – a timer works perfectly for creating that sense of urgency when you want a customer to act fast on their purchases.

You can choose to go with either of our partners POWR or Elfsight. More options – more diversity and unique landing page experiences! Here are short tutorials for Elfsight.


Integrate your Instagram with your Smart Page 

Unless you are brand new to Instamojo (if yes, welcome!). But if you have been with us for some time, you would know how we are huge advocates of social proof for your online D2C business.

You can now use Elfsight to integrate your Instagram grid onto your Smart Page to give your customers a quick glance at real stories and videos of your business.

Embed videos on your own professional landing page 

Video marketing is the future. So much so that marketers who incorporate video into their campaigns experience 34% higher conversion rates.

With Curator, now you can easily embed high-quality videos onto your landing page. You can let the video be the main star or use it to assist your compelling marketing copy.


Use our eCommerce blog to know more about using these marketing techniques to increase conversions on your landing page. And stay tuned for more exciting additions to Smart Page Enhancers.

Start using these apps for your own landing page today! 

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