How high can you score on this Green Quiz for eCommerce businesses?

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2023)

Do we all remember those BuzzFeed quizzes that got our hearts pumping? “What house suits you” What villain are you” Which superhero from Marvel suits you the best”. While these were all fun they don’t really have any use. This is why we are going to mix business with pleasure!

This World Environment Day, take this quiz to know your Green Score while running your online business! 

We tell you how to score and find out your green business personality after the quiz section. Are you a Green Advocate, Amateur Environmentalist, Sustainability Rookie or Sustainability Dum-Dum?

Find out!

The Green Quiz 

Take a pencil and start noting down the options (a, b, c, d) that are most relevant to you for each question.

1. Does your business use energy-efficient lighting, such as LED bulbs?

a) Yes, exclusively

b) Yes, partially

c) No, but we are considering it

d) No, we haven’t thought about it

2. How do you manage waste in your business?

a) We have a robust recycling program

b) We actively reduce packaging waste

c) We reuse materials whenever possible

d) We haven’t implemented any specific waste management practices

3. How does your business manage paper usage?

a) We strive to be paperless and digitize processes

b) We actively recycle paper and encourage double-sided printing

c) We haven’t implemented any specific paper reduction strategies

d) We heavily rely on paper and haven’t explored alternatives

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4. Do you source eco-friendly and sustainable materials or products for your business?

a) Yes, we prioritize eco-friendly sourcing and sustainable suppliers

b) We have some eco-friendly sourcing practices, but there’s room for improvement

c) No, but we are interested in exploring sustainable sourcing options

d) No, we haven’t considered it

5. Are you involved in any environmental or community initiatives?

a) Yes, we actively participate in local environmental and community programs

b) We occasionally engage in such initiatives

c) No, but we are interested in getting involved

d) No, we haven’t considered it

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6. Does your business encourage employees to reduce energy consumption at work?

a) Yes, we have energy-saving practices and promote awareness among employees

b) We have some energy-saving practices but need to improve employee engagement

c) No, but we are interested in implementing energy-saving initiatives

d) No, we haven’t considered it

7. How do you minimize waste during the production process of your handmade products?

a) We have implemented efficient production practices to minimize waste

b) We actively reuse and repurpose materials to reduce waste

c) We haven’t implemented specific waste reduction practices yet

d) We generate a significant amount of waste and haven’t explored waste reduction strategies

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8. Do you offer eco-friendly packaging options for your products?

a) Yes, we use recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable packaging materials

b) We offer some eco-friendly packaging options, but there’s room for improvement

c) No, but we are interested in exploring eco-friendly packaging alternatives

d) No, we haven’t considered it

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9. How do you handle excess or unsold inventory in your handmade business?

a) We actively repurpose or upcycle unsold inventory to avoid waste

b) We donate excess inventory to local charities or organizations

c) We are exploring options for handling excess inventory responsibly

d) We haven’t implemented any specific strategies for excess inventory

10. Do your products have clear labels that mention each ingredient/material used? 

a) Yes, our products have labelling which gives all the necessary information to our consumers

b) Some product labels have all the necessary information, and some could improve

c) No, but we are planning to start giving more details about the material/ingredients

d) No, we don’t consider using labels like that

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11. Are you transparent about your eco-friendly practices and values with your customers?

a) Yes, we clearly communicate our eco-friendly practices and values to our customers

b) We mention our eco-friendly practices but could improve on transparency

c) No, but we are interested in showcasing our eco-friendly efforts

d) No, we haven’t considered it

12. How do you encourage your customers to embrace sustainable and eco-friendly living through your handmade products?

a) We provide information and educational materials about sustainability with our products

b) We offer incentives or rewards for customers who adopt eco-friendly practices

c) We are in the process of developing strategies to promote eco-friendly living

d) We haven’t explored customer engagement on sustainability yet

13. Does your eCommerce business help uplift any vulnerable communities? 

a) Yes, we help improve their livelihood by selling products made by them on our eCommerce website

b) Some of our products are made by vulnerable communities, and some are sourced from factories

c) We haven’t started sourcing any materials/employees from vulnerable communities, but are planning to start soon

d) My business has no impact or relation to vulnerable communities at all

14. Have you checked on the degree of sustainable practices by your partners? 

a) Yes, all our partners have official sustainable practices and a healthy CSR score

b) Some of our partners are environmentally conscious, but some still require work

c) We have started looking into the sustainable practices that our partners undertake

d) We have no clue how sustainable our business partners are

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Your eCommerce business’s Green Score 


You have come to the end of the quiz. Do remember, even though we will start scoring your efforts now, the main goal of the quiz is to make you think more deeply and not just give you a numerical value!

Here is how you score: 

A’s are worth 20 points

B’s are worth 10 points 

C’s are worth 5 points 

D’s are worth 0 points 

Add up your final score and check out what your Green Score says about you! 

Your green score and your sustainability personality 

If you scored 150 and above, you are a “Green advocate” 

You are serious about the environment. You have realised that 80% of consumers today want sustainable products and you want to ensure your brand stands up for this effort.

Your business takes active steps to reduce its carbon footprint and your business practices are in line with keeping the environment as a priority.

Not only that you use content marketing to ensure your customers also start practising more environmentally conscious habits.

If you scored between 100-150, you are an “Amateur Environmentalist”

You are trying and you are giving it your best. You are aware of what needs to be done and how, but you are in the process of putting everything in place.

Your eCommerce business might not be extremely conscious right now. But we get it. It is difficult letting go of age-old practices. You will do great once you have more resources at your disposal.

Your business is at the precipice of becoming a force of value. And your customers are also waiting for you to embrace more conscious practices so that they can also buy from you guilt-free.

If you scored between 50 – 100, you are a “Sustainability Rookie” 

There is a lot of scope for your eCommerce business to pull up your socks. Even though we are all business minded and are chasing profit in some way or the other – knowing the larger goal is important.

As a rookie, you KNOW what is important and you know that you need to start. But you are still taking your first steps. It is important for you to speed up the process right about now.

There are multiple ways you can increase your sustainability score by making changes in your everyday life. One small example? Just switch to recyclable material for your packaging.

If you scored between 0-50, you are a “Sustainability Dum-Dum” 

This World Environment Day, make a pledge to start. You have a long way to go. The success of your online business has to be hand in hand with the success of the planet as a whole.

Online shopping emits up to 2.9 times fewer greenhouse gas emissions than in-person shopping. This means your eCommerce business is already contributing. But you need to take active steps in consciously reducing your impact on the environment.

A good place to start would be reading up on how consumers today want more transparency and eco-friendly options to choose from.

Don’t be disheartened with this score – everyone starts from Level 1. You can also choose to talk to Green Advocates to learn more.

Share your Green business personality on your social media 

Which of these are you? Screenshot and share your results and make sure to tag us so that we know who are the Advocates and Amateurs! 

World environment day

World environment day

World environment day

World environment day

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