How to Leverage Social Proof to Boost Sales

Leverage social proof
(Last Updated On: June 20, 2021)

Engaging your customers can go miles in promoting your business organically. About 250 million Indians are now active on social media, which makes it easier to attract more customers to your business. But why use done-and-dusted social media strategies when you can use this trendy new one? Introducing social proof – a new method to fine-tune your way into the hearts of your customers.

Customers don’t always want to know about your product from you. There are higher chances of them believing what other buyers have to say about you. This, in a nutshell, is what social proof is all about. Let’s decode social proof and how you can use it to sky-rocket your sales.

What is social proof?

Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon that applies to all walks of life. It is a phenomenon where individuals tend to believe the actions of others to reflect the overall goodness in a situation.

For instance, if everybody is talking about a particular subject in a positive light, chances are most people, even with limited knowledge, would agree. It is a simple theory that subconsciously plays in the back of everybody’s head, thus making it a powerful marketing strategy for your business.

3 ways to use Social Proof to boost sales:

Use reviews and testimonials:

Customers are constantly talking about your products and services and how their experience was with you. An ideal way of collecting positive reviews and testimonials is to constantly monitor blog comments and other channels. Also, collect customer opinions by asking for feedback from customers.

While collecting feedback, make sure you ask specific questions about how they like your product, customer support, and more.

Once you have collected them, compile them and convert them into a strong marketing tool for your brand. Design attractive creatives with quotes, memes, and more and push them out on your social channels. Additionally, you can turn these reviews and testimonials into blog posts, case studies, and more to increase visibility and reach.

Showcase your affiliations:

The easiest way of social affirmation is to showcase fellow businesses you associate with. This not only adds credibility but also attracts the customers of affiliate businesses to engage with you. Also, keep a tab on the various platforms your company or products have been featured in. This is a sure-shot way of increasing your reach and brand loyalty.

Leverage visual content:

There is no denying that images are easy to understand and grab more eyeballs. Make sure all the reviews and testimonials and converted into engaging creatives or infographics. Share them on social media to generate traction. Make sure your social media strategy has a combination of creatives, blogs, case studies, and more for maximum conversions.

Social proof is an ideal way of leveraging the opinions of your customers to build strong brand loyalty via social media marketing. An ideal way of getting positive reviews and testimonials is to provide a customer with a perfect overall experience.

Providing seamless and secure transactions covers the last mile, ensuring positive reviews and testimonials.

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