Get your bling on! eCommerce marketing and packaging tips for this festive season

Marketing and packaging tips during the festive season
(Last Updated On: October 3, 2023)

It’s that time of year again; and for all the businesses, this is your moment to shine! The festive season is upon us, and it’s like the stage is set for you to dazzle.

So, in this guide, we’ve got some awesome marketing and packaging tips during the festive season. We’re talking heart-warming marketing campaigns and eye-catching packaging that’ll make your brand unforgettable during the holiday buzz.

Let’s dive right in and unwrap these marketing and packaging tips during the festive season!

How profitable is eCommerce during the festive season?

In 2023, eCommerce sellers can expect to have a fabulous festive season! Let’s look at the numbers:

  • Expectations are for 1.6X (etail) and 3.6X (retail) growth.
  • A Redseer report suggests nearly 140 million festive shoppers
  • The total eCommerce gross merchandise value (GMV) is expected to grow by 18-20% to INR 90,000 Cr during the festive season this year from INR 76,000 Cr last year
  • Not only that, buying will go up during this season by 140 Mn. If you are not marketing correctly you are going to be wasting resources and losing out on potential customers!
Source: Inc42

More details here!

Prepare for higher eCommerce sales during the festive season!

Now that you know how it is going to work, with such a brilliant opportunity coming your way to see higher revenues, it is time for you to prepare your own independent eCommerce website! Buyers are itching to spend on gifts, traditional attires, sweets confectionaries and more.

With an increased demand, online sellers also face multiple challenges during the festive season. The two main issues are: 

  1. Targetting the incorrect audience and losing out on impulse buyers
  2. Not being able to keep consistent inventory

Let’s start with the first challenge.

Market to the correct audiences and turn those online browsers into actual customers. Capture their attention with these strategies:

1. Set festive marketing goals

When you set these clear goals, they’ll steer your festive marketing plan and make it easier to keep tabs on how you’re doing.

But, how to accomplish them? 

  • Be specific: Set precise goals like “Increase sales by 20%.”
  • Align with a business plan: Ensure festive goals complement your overall business strategy.
  • Measure and set deadlines: Create measurable goals with deadlines, e.g., “Increase website traffic by 30% by November 31st.”
  • Stay realistic: Dream big but keep goals achievable within your resources and market.

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2. Building a festive marketing plan

Think of your festive marketing plan as cooking up the ultimate festive feast. It may take a bit of time and work, but once it’s all done, it’s a real treat for your business.

What’s the best way to carry it out?

  • Content calendar: Plan your marketing activities with a content calendar to stay organized.
  • Choose channels wisely: Select the platforms where your audience is active (social media, emails, blogs).

Pro tip: Focus on marketing with your blog! Hubspot reports that despite 500 million blogs and 2 million daily posts, blogging remains pivotal in most marketers’ digital strategies. A noteworthy 53% prioritize blogging as their content marketing cornerstone.

  • Set your budget: Allocate funds for festive marketing, covering ads and festive-themed content.
  • Festive visuals: Add festive elements to your branding, website, and social profiles to attract attention. (We’ll discuss this more in a minute) 
  • Special promotions: Offer festive deals like flash sales, bundles, or early bird discounts to excite customers.

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3. Leveraging festive visuals and themes

Try these marketing and packaging tips during the festive season to make your marketing feel more festive and appealing. They’ll definitely help you connect better with your audience. 

Source- Cadbury

What’s the process for doing it?

  • Festive branding: Update your logo and website banners with festival elements to show your spirit.
  • Website decoration: Transform your online store into a festive wonderland with banners and pop-ups.
  • Feature festive products: Showcase special festive launches with appealing visuals and descriptions.
  • Maintain brand consistency: Keep your festive themes in harmony with your brand’s identity for recognition.

Let’s have a look at Instamojo’s store Stree Kolkata. They have updated their banner and website to showcase their newest festive collection. 

Stree Kolkata

If you’ve decided to opt for such banners, do not forget to make them attractive but not so complicated. The message should be easily understood by the shoppers and hence it could help them to get the best option for the festive. 

Here is a comprehensive guide to give your eCommerce website a festive flair in 2023!

Enhance the visual appeal of your eCommerce website by selecting premium online store themes that best match your business category. On Instamojo, you can choose from a variety of classic and festive themes that match your brand values and visual language easily! 

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4. Offering special promotions and discounts

Have you ever noticed how people can’t resist a good deal, especially during the festive? So, it’s like a magnet.

Discounts tap into that psychological urge to save money (buy more for less!), making shoppers more likely to give in to their spending impulses.

They’re your ticket to boosting engagement and sales for your business

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Watch Instamojo’s tutorial video on setting up discount codes and custom fields for online payments.

Types of promotions

Here are some types of discounts that you can offer to your customers, especially during the festive season: 

  • Flash sales

These are like lightning strikes. Short-lived, high-impact discounts that create a sense of urgency.

  • Bundles and gift sets

People love convenience during the busy festive season. Bundle complementary products or create gift sets at a discounted price.

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  • Early bird discounts

Reward early shoppers with exclusive discounts. It’s like saying, “Thank you for starting your shopping early!”

  • Setting appropriate pricing strategies

Be strategic with your pricing by:

a. Calculating your costs to ensure your promotions are still profitable.

b. Consider tiered discounts based on purchase amount or customer loyalty.

c. Don’t forget to factor in shipping and delivery costs if applicable.

5. Creating festive content

The following marketing and packaging tips during the festive season are more engaging and connect better with your audience, enhancing their experience with your brand.

How to put it into action?

a. Engaging content: Create shareable content that captivates and spreads festive cheer.

b. Festive contests: Organize contests and giveaways with festive prizes to boost engagement.

Here are some examples from D2C brands that aced their marketing content during Diwali in 2022!


CaratLane campaign

In 2020, CaratLane came up with a unique campaign carrying the perfect hashtag for it, i.e. #MereStyleKiDiwali presenting the unique ways of every individual to celebrate Diwali.


Tanishq campaign

Tanishq launched this Diwali-themed campaign, inviting you to celebrate your #PehliDiwali (the perfect hashtag for the festive season), brightening your achievements with #AlekhyaByTanishq. 

Pro tip:

Using a relevant hashtag during these festive campaigns will get more exposure for your brand. You can also hold contests or post user-generated content while using this hashtag. It is an easy way to have a portfolio of community engagement in one place.

For more pro festive season tips, listen to our conversation with Jatin Gupta, the founder and solopreneur at @inspiringjatin. 

Tips on packaging and shipping during the festive season

Now that your marketing is done, you need to add an oomph to the delivered products with festive packaging!

You should understand that it’s not just about wrapping—it’s about creating an experience that’ll leave your customers beaming.

Have a look at these fun designs that stand out and eco-friendly options that match today’s values.

1. Choosing the right packaging materials

Choose the right materials, and you’ll give customers a memorable unboxing experience they’ll absolutely adore.

Pick from the following choices.

a. Go green: Consider eco-friendly options like recycled paper and biodegradable plastics. It’s good for the planet and shows you care.

b. Add festive flair: Make your packaging pop with ribbons, bows, or themed wrapping paper. These little touches can spread festive cheer.

c. Protect your gifts: Use sturdy boxes and cushioning materials to ensure your products arrive safely. Reusable packaging is also a great option.

2. Designing festive packaging

Festive packaging is all about spreading joy and making your customers feel like VIPs. So, let your creative juices flow and craft packaging that captures the magic!

As reported by Dotcom Distribution, if your packaging is distinctive or carries your brand, 40% of consumers are likely to share an image of it on social media.

How to put it into effect?

  • Personal touch: Enhance customer experience with personalized notes or greeting cards to show you care.
  • Brand consistency: Infuse festive elements while maintaining your brand identity by balancing themes with your brand’s colours and logo for a memorable appearance.
Source- Phool

3. Choosing the right shipping 

After selecting the packaging material, it is also important to have a proper check on the inventory as well as shipping, the two major aspects of packaging during the festive season. Let’s see, how to do it right.

This is what you can do!

a. Timely ordering: Order your packaging supplies ahead of time to avoid last-minute rushes. Having a little extra is better than running out during busy times.

b. Partner with the right shipping partners: Choosing the right partner ensures your products reach your customers on time and without any hassles.

Please do set the correct expectations with your customers. If you know there will be delays during the festive season, please modify your shipping delivery policies on your eCommerce website accordingly. 

Keep your customers always updated with Instamojo;s  Auto Shipment Tracking feature for effortless shipment management!

Managing inventory and stock levels

The key thing here is to keep a good handle on your product inventory and have some extras in stock, just in case you run low.

You want to make sure you’ve got enough goodies to offer your customers even if the demand spikes.

Here’s how to do it!

a. Forecasting demand: Predict festive season sales by analysing past data and factoring in promotions and new product development launches for a clear outlook. 

b. Order early: Secure packaging supplies early to prevent last-minute rushes; maintain a small surplus to prevent shortages.

c. Manage excess stock: Avoid excess orders to save money and storage space; repurpose surplus materials for future events or promotions.

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Managing returns and exchanges

By keeping a close eye on your inventory and ordering smart, you’ll be well-prepared to handle the festive season without any hiccups. Remember, it’s all about finding that sweet spot between having enough and not going overboard. 

How to manage it?

  • Simplify returns: Simplify returns with clear instructions on your website and prevent customer frustration.
  • Facilitate exchanges: Streamline festival gift exchanges with free return shipping. Recommend relevant products to users when they ask for exchanges/returns. 
  • Prioritize customer happiness: Maintain a positive attitude during returns for long-lasting customer relationships during the festival.
  • Foster positive feedback: Turn negatives into positives, and motivate customers to share their good experiences via reviews and social media.

Festive eCommerce magic: Unlock success with Instamojo

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So why wait? Join the festive eCommerce revolution with us and let your business shine this season. Start your journey to success today! 

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