Marketing Forms Your Business Needs to Generate Leads

(Last Updated On: July 21, 2022)

If you want to create a solid marketing plan to calculate how many leads you are generating, the simplest way to do so is with marketing forms. Every business, once it creates a website, has to set up forms to calculate the number of signups, registrations and feedback they get from their users.

B2B marketers struggle with generation. The most practical way to generate leads is from your website.

Over 49% of marketers claim that marketing forms are their highest converting lead generation tool.

Why does your business need marketing forms to generate leads?

Simply put, you need to know who has visited your website and converted.

A lead is someone who shows interest in your product or service by taking action on your website. This could mean subscribing to your email list, participating in your offers, viewing demos or starting a free trial.

With marketing forms, you can keep track of new users who sign up to your website, purchase a product or subscribe to your emails. This helps you engage with them better.

With feedback forms, you ensure that you build a stronger relationship with customers who wish to communicate with you about a product/service.

People form strong first impressions within 50 milliseconds of visiting your website. A good form can help create that first impression you need.

Types of marketing forms 

Lead-Generation Forms:

Lead generation forms are important to your business. Lead gen forms are how you attract website visitors and convert them into leads.

Create a form on your website that has a positive, painless experience for those visitors. The most popular kind of lead-generation form includes signup forms on the main landing page of your website.

Lead generation forms have the potential to increase your conversions and create a great user experience on your website.

Examples of marketing forms that generate leads 

Signup Forms:

marketing forms for small businesses instamojo

Komarketing’s signup form re-assures customers that it takes less than 40 seconds to finish an otherwise tiring process for customers. The number of blanks is minimum and does not ask too many questions to the customer, which normally results in customers losing interest in filling up the form.

Instamojo Call to action

Instamojo’s main website landing page makes it as clear as day. The form appears right on top of the landing page and asks for only one piece of information, the customer’s email id.

Important note: For maximum effectiveness, have the core value proposition and the lead gen form in the hero fold itself. The online visitor should not have to scroll at all to give the necessary details.

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Pop-up Subscriptions: 

marketing forms to generate leads 2

Having a pop-up form with a witty, catchy line asking customers to sign up, purchase or subscribe to your newsletter or e-book is another way of collecting leads. Using catchphrases like ‘Free‘  or greeting them with a warm ‘Got a minute?‘ can get users to sign up.

Free Trial Forms: 

Feedback Management Forms

What do your customers think about your company? It’s not enough to generate leads for your website, campaigns and ads through forms. A good marketing strategy lies in taking care of your customers even after making the sale.

A study showed that only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers complain about your product or service. The rest just leave your website or unsubscribe. To combat this issue, it is important to create a feedback management system using forms.

If you want to get your customers happy, solve their problems by analysing their feedback, This way, you are more likely to get good referrals instead of bad ones. Getting feedback management forms out to your customers allow you to identify and eliminate problems

Examples of Feedback management forms:

marketing forms to generate leads

To get customers to feel like completing your feedback forms, express your genuine appreciation for their participation. Try and incorporate content like the above image. Use phrases like:

“Tell us what you think.”  Show your customers that you value their opinions. In your feedback form, be as specific as possible so they understand how you’re going to leverage their expertise and opinion.

“Please take a minute to look at our survey.” Customers’ time is invaluable to you. Show them how much time it could take to complete the survey.

Google Survey Forms: 

marketing forms to generate leads 5

Google forms are one of the easiest, free methods to collect feedback and generate leads.

Build forms with Instamojo:

If you have an Instamojo free online store, you already have a lead generation form inbuilt in your store that allows you to track and engage with your customers. You can view your collected leads here (indicated by an arrow):

marketing forms instamojo


You can also build a landing page from your Instagram dashboard. The landing page has a built-in payment gateway along with an option to embed enquiry forms. Collecting leads has never been easier.

Check out Instamojo Smart Pages.

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