7 Ways to leverage mobile marketing for small businesses

Mobile Marketing for small businesses
(Last Updated On: May 30, 2023)

Mobile marketing for small businesses is an excellent way to collect leads and increase online sales. 70-80% of mobile users have triggered action on a mobile marketing campaign in less than an hour of viewing it.

So, what are the right tactics your business needs to adapt to perfect the mobile marketing game?

Let’s start with the basics.

What is mobile marketing?

A digital marketing technique- mobile marketing is an interesting way for marketers to reach their audiences through mobile phones.

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel marketing technique as it makes use of different strategies like SMS messaging, social media, WhatsApp messaging and more.

For example, if you see an ad on an app while scrolling through your phone’s different apps, that is mobile marketing. When apps send push notifications to your phone, that too is a form of mobile marketing.

Why should small businesses use mobile marketing?

Similar to other marketing techniques, mobile marketing requires work. Businesses have to constantly tweak, adapt and test mobile marketing strategies for their campaigns to be successful. Mobile marketing is an effective way to collect leads and increase sales for people on the move.

The ideal way to get started on your mobile marketing is to:

  • Create a strong strategy
  • Find a way to track your results
  • Adjust your approach accordingly

Worldwide smartphone users have jumped to nearly 2.7 billion this year. In India, over 400 million phone users own a smartphone. Imagine, with the right marketing tips, you reach a much wider audience.

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Source: statista.com

Tips and Tricks – Mobile marketing for small businesses:

Reaching the right target:

The prime reason small businesses must carry out mobile marketing is to reach the right audience. With targeting, you can be very specific about who sees your content, how they see it, and when they see it.

Mobile marketing helps accomplish this by collecting customer data using cookies, such as email addresses and phone numbers, along with the number of downloads.

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SEO optimisation:

Continuing the discussion on why your small business needs mobile marketing is the importance of SEO. Your website must be optimized for easy and functional browsing on mobile phone devices too.

Customers do not want to spend too much time figuring out how to navigate through your website. Google will prioritize websites that provide a good mobile experience and load quickly on phones.

SMS marketing:

58% of smartphone users check their phones every hour. Over 41% of phone users prefer texting over calling, so why not send them a text? Do not overstep or make it look to promotional. Send text messages for dropped-off buyers, promo codes to potential new customers etc.

Go social:

Small businesses that start out online, leverage on their social media. Implement a strong WhatsApp community to initially roll out your marketing.

And then slowly add social media to your marketing strategy. In 2022, 2 billion users were active on Instagram, compared to 2.96 billion on Facebook!

Over 85% of time spent on Twitter is on a mobile phone!

Leverage your mobile content by optimizing your social media marketing.

Find the right time to show ads to your customers, study their app patterns using business analytic tools and work on sharing posts and start meaningful conversations. Leave comments and ask and answer questions.

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Build an app:

Mobile marketing for small businesses is simple. Your website can be optimized to suit customers browsing needs. But there will be a need to develop an app to increase your sales and leverage your mobile marketing.

Apps might be a little expensive to invest in in the beginning, but these are excellent long-term investments.

Find creators for your app who are eager to get business and showcase their talents. Pay them reasonably and offer referrals and site recognition. Over 85-90%  of smartphone users prefer using apps over websites.

Become a mobile customer expert:

With good apps, comes responsibility. A lot of small businesses are making use of mobile customer services to track orders, collect payments, share shipping details, and respond quickly to questions via phone.

This is easy and convenient for both the small business owner and the customers. Plus, customers really enjoy the quick response time mobile customer service offers.

Use Multi-channel campaigns:

With this technique, combine all the above mobile marketing strategies to drive user engagement on your site. Map out how you can combine SMS marketing along with mobile customer services and social media engagement.

If you have an online store on Instamojo or use Instamojo to collect payments, you’re in luck. The Instamojo website is optimised to allow customers to enjoy the browsing experience on mobile phones.

You can also choose apps like Interakt from our app store which helps engage customers through mobile marketing.

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