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mojoxpress ecommerce shipping
(Last Updated On: May 5, 2023)

Handling shipping and delivery is one of the most challenging aspects of eCommerce. In fact, the success of your business depends on it. One failed shipping experience can result in a lost customer.

We’ve realized this importance and come up with a way to simplify shipping for Instamojo merchants. Let’s look at mojoXpress: the eCommerce shipping solution you need to manage all aspects of eCommerce shipping.

What is mojoXpress?

mojoXpress is a feature available to Instamojo users that helps you systemize your shipping process.

You can subscribe to a shipping partner directly from the Instamojo app store. You don’t have to search elsewhere for a trusted shipping service for your online business.

Once you choose a shipping partner, the orders collected on your Instamojo online store will get automatically populated on the shipping partner’s dashboard. You can now schedule, ship, and track orders.

With mojoXpress, you take much of the manual process involved in shipping off your hands. You can automate eCommerce shipping by syncing all your orders in one click and manage it from a single dashboard. You also get access to features that ensures you save time and your customers get a satisfied overall shopping experience.

Features of eCommerce shipping – mojoXpress:

Here’s why mojoXpress is the best way to manage eCommerce shipping:

  • Choose from top eCommerce logistics services with affordable price
  • Doorstep pickup and delivery
  • Automated shipping: Sync all your collected orders in one click
  • Ship all across India: our shipping partners offer shipping to over 26,000 pin codes
  • Track your package: Once your package is picked, a tracking ID will be mailed to you. Track your package on your shipping dashboard.
  • Ensure buyer satisfaction: An immediate tracking ID will also be mailed to your customer.
  • Manage return orders easily: End-to-end Returns process from approval to processing of returns. Create reverse pickups, keep track of refunds, exchange order, etc
  • Easy payouts: Get the best shipping costs which will be deducted directly from your payouts, with no additional steps.
  • Offer cash-on-delivery option to your customers

eCommerce shipping partners available on mojoXpress

Here’s the list of courier services you can partner with directly from your Instamojo dashboard:

  • Shiprocket
  • Shipway
  • iThinkLogistics
  • Shipyaari
  • Pickrr
  • Vamaship
  • Shippigo

How to enable mojoXpress?

Every Instamojo store seller, both free and premium plans subscribers, get access to eCommerce shipping integrations. Here’s how you can enable mojoXpress from your dashboard:

Step 1:

Log into your Instamojo dashboard. Scroll down and select the “App Store” option from the left-hand side.

instamojo dashboard

Step 2:

From the App Store, select “Shipping Partners”. You can now see the different shipping services available on mojoXpress. instamojo shipping mojoxpress

Step 3:

Choose the shipping partner of your choice and select “subscribe”. When you select a courier service, you can see the features they offer. Decide based on what is suitable for your business.

shiprocket on instamojo

Step 4:

Congratulations! You have now enabled mojoXpress. Your orders will be manually synced to the shipping partner’s dashboard and generate bulk shipping labels.

Having a reliable and fast shipping partner can make a huge difference to your business. Do more with Instamojo. With us, you can now use our free online store to showcase your products, collect payments effectively and also ship products, within a few clicks.

Get access to mojoXpress and simplify your shipping process!

Manage eCommerce Shipping

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