New Instagram updates that are super relevant to your eCommerce business in 2023

New Instagram updates that are relevant to your eCommerce business
(Last Updated On: August 31, 2023)

If Instagram is not a core part of your marketing strategy, then you are missing out. The founders of Meta have realised the massive potential of social commerce and are constantly updating the platforms Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp with new features and tools. 

Over the last few weeks, Instagram has declared updates that will prove to be a game changer for businesses selling on Instagram. 

In this blog, we will discuss the various Instagram updates of 2023 announced by META and how they can help boost your eCommerce game. 

Multi-collaborator Instagram collabs

So, when it comes to Collabs, the most obvious way to use them is by teaming up with another brand or person to create content together. 

How it works: Once you decide to post something on Instagram, you can choose a collaborator. If that person/business agrees, then the same post will show up on both profiles instead of just on the profile of the original user. 

This way, you can introduce yourselves to a whole new set of people, thanks to each other’s followers. 

Multi-collaborator Instagram collabs

Influencers often use this tactic to introduce themselves to each others’ audience. 

There’s also a cool twist: Collabs can also work wonders when you bring together different accounts owned by the same person or business. You know how many founders have their accounts and a separate one for their company, right? 

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Now, with this new multi-collaborator feature, these savvy users can team up to promote a product, service, or sale across their entire Instagram network. Pretty neat, huh?

New Update in 2023: In the past, Instagram Collabs allowed two accounts to team up and create joint feed posts or reels, which were then shared on both accounts’ feeds. However, starting from June 30, 2023, the exciting Instagram latest update is that Collabs can now involve up to four accounts in the creative process.

Subscriptions roll out globally

So, here’s the scoop – even if you’re not precisely considering yourself a content creator on Instagram, but you mostly use this platform for marketing what your brand offers, guess what? Instagram subscriptions can fit into your game plan. 

How it works: People who “subscribe” to your content will have to pay a monthly fee to see your content. This will work as an additional income source for you and also create a sense of “exclusivity” around your content. 

Let us throw a couple of cool ideas your way for stuff you can tuck behind a paywall:

  1. Picture this – you cook up some excellent Q&A sessions and package them into a Highlight album. But here’s the catch – only your subscribers get the golden ticket to access these gems. Your regular followers will spot that Highlight album, but the real deal? That’s just for the subscribers.
  2. Now, how about this? Whip up some top-notch promotion codes, sales announcements, and limited-time offers. And guess who gets to savour these sweet deals? Yep, your subscribers, exclusively. 

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New Update: Instagram subscriptions, initially US-tested for creators’ earnings via exclusive content behind paywalls. Fast forward to July 24, the big reveal: the global tour begins! Subscription access has now expanded to expands to Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and the UK. Stay tuned for this rollout in India over the following months.

Instagram reels templates

Do you stop yourself from making a reel because of all the effort that goes into it? Matching your visuals to a beat, maintaining aestheticism, and making it look like a mini-movie is not everyone’s cup of tea. But Instagram is now making life easier. 

instagram reels

New Update: Previously, discovering these templates meant sifting through numerous reels until stumbling upon one that featured a template you fancied. Now Instagram has introduced Reels templates to simplify crafting reels. 

How does it work: You will now be able to easily choose a pre-designed template.  

To locate the template browser, start by heading to the Reels tab. Once there, tap the camera icon, and you’ll spot “Templates” right at the top of your screen. 

You’ll uncover templates neatly categorized into three sections, as shown in the above screenshot: Recommended, Trending, and your Saved Templates or Audio. It’s all about convenience!

Instagram reels templates

Coming up soon, the text and transitions that you’ve already used in your original reel will automatically find their way into your new one. 

And the good news doesn’t stop there – you’ll have the power to tweak those preloaded elements, plus play around with the number of clips in your reel and their timing. 

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browse reels template

Instagram direct messaging

New Update: In the battle against spammy Direct Messages, individuals you aren’t following are restricted to sending you just one DM. Plus, with the new Instagram direct message update, the type of message they can send is limited to text only.

With this update, Instagram is trying to reduce spammy messages for a bunch of accounts – which is a good thing. But at the same time, it’s putting a bit more responsibility on the people who manage social media for brands. 

They need to be careful about which messages they say yes to, so they recognize messages from real customers and community members who have valid reasons to reach out privately. It’s all about finding that balance!

Instagram threads

So, let’s talk about Threads – it’s a new kid on the block, which brings some exciting opportunities. First, it’s a neat way to introduce yourself to fresh crowds who might not have encountered you before. Plus, it’s a cool chance to reconnect with your Instagram buddies who might not catch all your posts in their regular feeds.

Look at Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson, the big YouTube star and social media sensation. He’s the trailblazer here, the first person to rack up over a million followers on Threads. And get this, 

Threads is like the new player in town, taking on Twitter, and it caused a real buzz – within just a few hours of hitting the scene, millions of users were already jumping on board. Now that’s what we call a grand entrance!

New Update: In December 2022, Instagram introduced a new feature called Instagram Notes. Following that, the company started working on a standalone app dedicated to text-based posts. They kicked off the development of Threads, also referred to as “Project 92,” in January 2023, and the app was officially revealed and made available on July 5, 2023.

Instagram stories product tags

Picture this: just like you can tag products in your regular posts, now you can do it in your Stories, too – and that’s even cooler. Stories are where your most interested and warm leads hang out. 

New Update: Right now, Instagram is trying out something cool. They’re testing a feature that looks like it’s all about boosting in-app shopping. The idea is to have AI automatically add product tags to stories for items it detects. 

Here’s where it gets exciting. Imagine your products getting tagged automatically in the Stories of creators and customers who mention them. It’s like a domino effect of exposure.

Boost your strategy: Master Instagram’s latest updates!

Instagram’s always cooking up something fresh to amp up engagement and boost your brand.

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Think about it – these updates aren’t just changes, but opportunities. They let you dive into new crowds, build stronger bonds, and make your business shine in this ever-evolving social scene. 

So, don’t miss out – keep your radar locked onto these updates because they might be the magic ingredient your marketing mix is craving.

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