New upcoming WhatsApp features in 2021 for SMEs

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2022)

WhatsApp is launching a bunch of new features that are already in beta testing. These new features could benefit the busy entrepreneur and in this blog, we shall take a look at some of them. 

Over 340 million Indians use WhatsApp on a daily basis, and recently they have been facing trust issues with the app over the new privacy policy and updates. Could the new features convince Indian businesses to rely on the app? 

4 new upcoming WhatsApp features all small businesses can use 📱

1. WhatsApp web login feature 

For those who cannot use WhatsApp on the phone all the time, there is WhatsApp web. However, you need to use your phone to access WhatsApp web with a QR code. 

Therefore, the folks at WhatsApp are planning to introduce a feature where you need not use your phone to log in to WhatsApp web. 

How can this help your business? 

Faster communication with customers when your phone is away charging. This multi-device feature allows you to keep talking to customers even on the off-chance of your phone battery dying out. You do not need your phone to be connected to Wi-Fi to use WhatsApp web! 

2. Voice and video calls on WhatsApp Web 

If you have already gotten bored with sharing Zoom and Google Meet links to your customers, then this new WhatsApp feature might help! 

Over 70% of WhatsApp business users make use of WhatsApp web when at work. With this new feature, entrepreneurs can conduct meetings and conference calls on the WhatsApp web without the hassle of sharing external links. 

3. Vacation mode – Read Later 

Entrepreneurs need a break too! Therefore, WhatsApp’s new upcoming feature will introduce a ‘Read Later’ option. With this, you mark a contact under the ‘Read Later’ feature, and all messages or calls from the particular contact will not be displayed unless you disable it! 

How will this help the business? It will help you prioritise. A lot of small business owners are managing hundreds of customer orders, especially when they sell on WhatsApp. Come a day or week you need a breather, this feature could help you prioritise which customer/vendor/employee can contact you. 

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4. Multi-Device Login 

Sure, logging in without the need for your phone sounds great, but wouldn’t it also be amazing to have a feature that allows you to log in to multiple devices? 

Currently, WhatsApp allows users to log in only from one device. The new feature will allow users to log in from several devices and interact with customers anytime they want.

WhatsApp Web Fingerprint and Face ID Unlock

A new WhatsApp feature for anyone worried about data leak and prying colleagues – you can now unlock WhatsApp web account using only Fingerprint or your face ID! This way, no one else can access your confidential business chats if you leave your laptop open. It keeps your chats and conversations secure.

What is WhatsApp currently up to? 🤔

WhatsApp announced an updated policy for anyone using the business account – and since then, there has been debated and discussions over privacy concerns.

WhatsApp has responded saying that no personal or confidential information will be shared. But the Indian Government is already seeking an explanation from Mark Zuckerberg and hopefully, small businesses will get an answer soon.

If you missed the WhatsApp business policy updates, this video can help you understand it better –

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