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(Last Updated On: December 15, 2021)

Have you set up your online store on Instamojo yet? Whether you are an existing business or a new business on the platform, you get to enjoy a whole new look and feature of the new free online store.

Not sure if you want to set up a premium online store on Instamojo yet? Give it a try with our new and improved free online store! The Instamojo online store comes with a brand new look and upgraded features for you to sell your products and services. In this blog, we will show you how to add a product to your online store quickly and easily.

What’s new on the free online store?

  1. Simplar and Cipher theme – You can now customize your Instamojo free online store by clicking on Store Settings > Themes. You can also edit the Theme by clicking on ‘Edit Theme’. While Simplar is basic and easy to use, Cipher comes with a fresh look that lets you enhance the online store experience for the end-user.  Read all about these new themes before you set them for your store. 
  2. A clean and easy-to-use user interface. The new free online store comes with nuanced features that help your store get discovered via search engines.
  3. Social media integration – Post to social media directly from Instamojo and auto-share your products with your follower base.

What products can you upload on the free online store?

Think carefully – what are you trying to sell? Here’s how you know where you need to add a product –

  • Physical Product Do you sell t-shirts? Books? Electronics? If you sell goods, objects of any kind, then set up on your online store.
  • Digital Product From ebooks to services – plumbing or cleaning services, online tests. Basically, any product which is an e-format document.
  • Event tickets Do you host workshops? Are you perhaps a major music festival looking to rescue an Island from sinking? Sell your tickets on Instamojo by creating your event here.
  • Other Product If your brand does not fall under any of the above categories, add your product here.How to add a product


How is the new ‘Add a product’ feature different from the old one?

The new ‘add a product’ feature allows you to separate your products into different categories and offers sub-features that help your customer find additional information about your product. A lot of these features are also available on the premium online store.

With the free online store’s new ‘add a product’ you can –

  1. Separate your products into categories
  2. Add variants for physical products like colour, size
  3. Set a stock-keeping unit: a unique identification code for the Products. For eg. – Menstshirt101.
  4. Add multiple images for one product

How to add a product to the online store in 5 steps

Adding a product – whether physical, digital, or event tickets are not too different from each other. Let us quickly run through how you can add a product to the new free online store.

Choose which product you need to sell. Here. let us sell a physical product and add the details like image(s), minimum and maximum stock, the SKU, and the price.

You can choose to add a fixed price, a ‘Pay what you want, or make your product free.

adding a product to your online store

Add variants to your store. This helps you create different sizes, colours, and styles for your products.

Fill in the basic details of your store (3)

Use SEO to rank your product higher in search engine results. Use keywords with the help of this guide to optimize your title tag and meta description.

Add advanced information – a special thank you note and redirect your customers to the desired webpage/domain/landing page you want them to see post the payment.

The final look –

how to add a product

Check out other online stores on Instamojo

How are they doing it? It’s always a good idea to compare and check how existing businesses have added products to the free online store. You can check out our existing online stores on our blog! 

The Instamojo free online store is easy to set up and use. For further information, you can check out our entire compiled guide on how to start an online store here when you set up.

Your free online store comes with new features, but also maintains the good old ones – a secure payment gateway, app store, API, and plugins. Explore the new store and let us help you set up your brand new online store.

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