5 Pinterest board ideas for your small business in 2024

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2023)

Do you run a business that sells beautiful pottery or handmade jewellery? Do you take pride in taking beautiful photos for your brand? Pinterest is an underrated yet ideal platform if you have a business that boasts of beautiful products. So, let’s grab some Pinterest board ideas for your business.

And a lot of it lies in how Pinterest boards work. In this blog, we will show you 5 different Pinterest boards ideas that will help you sell your products faster – and also increase brand awareness!

Why sell on Pinterest?

Understand it with the following statistic:

While women have historically dominated Pinterest, a 2022 blog post from the global Head of Business Marketing notes a significant surge in Gen Z and male users. Pinterest reports a 40% year-over-year increase in both male and Gen Z pinners.

Hootsuite Pinterest stat of Oct 2022

1. International audience 

Besides, Pinterest is the ideal social media platform if you plan to target an international audience for your brand.

Globally, Pinterest users pin an image to a board every 7 minutes! If you set up a Pinterest business account, there is a higher chance of a millennial in the USA seeing your products than in India.

2. Wider access to mobile users 

Pinterest’s boards are an ideal way to reach the idle commuter who wants to organise different products under their own boards. It helps users browse but bookmark their favourite products and services with a ‘pin’.

Over 80% of Pinterest users access the app via mobile phones, and since mobile marketing is on a high in India, this is the perfect time to strike.


3. Marketing to millennials 

Did you know that millennials LOVE to browse on Pinterest? The most preferred categories for millennial audiences to browse through, are fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Over 52% of millennials use Pinterest on a monthly basis. If your products or service cater to a specific audience, Pinterest is a great place to sell, not just marketing. It is a great acquisition tool. Pinterest’s users make use of the platform to plan purchases for several products – and you could just be one of them.

77 agency - Pinterest board ideas

How to convert Pinterest to a business account?

Before you adopt Pinterest board ideas for your user base, set up a Pinterest business account.

If you already use Pinterest, convert your personal account to a business one by logging in and clicking on the Pinterest for Business section.

Once there, you can convert your account by clicking on the big red button. Modify your business details, add your website URL and start adding boards to your account!

TIME - Pinterest board ideas - dreamgrow
Image source – Dream Grow

How to create a Pinboard for Pinterest

Once your account is ready, add images and boards. Think of it as a shelf with drawers that have separate categories you organise your things into. Or even better, think of it as your online store, where you have different categories your products and services fall into.

So, let us create a Pinterest board –

  • Log in and look for the “+” icon.

Pinterest board ideas

  • Click on create a board.
  • Name your board. For example, if you run a travel company, name each board on a state/country/holiday package. Ex: Goa, Maldives, honeymoon packages etc.

Pinterest board ideas

  • Add a description to your board. Use keywords and SEO-friendly content, so your customers can find you.

Pinterest board ideas - how to add a Pin board

  • Choose a category and until you have at least 4–5 photos uploaded on the board, keep it ‘secret’ so your customers can only follow your board once it is ready with more options.

5 Pinterest board ideas for small business

After looking at how you can convert the Pinterest to your business account, here comes the perfect time to look at the best 5 ideas that could be used as the board ideas for your small business.

1. Your product photos

Let us start with the basics. Once you set up your own business Pinterest board, start adding products the same way it looks on your website. Take high rest, good-quality photos that focus entirely on the aesthetic value of the product.

Product photos for Pinterest

2. Blogs

Don’t just sell, market. A key part of brand awareness is helping your target audience find resources they can Pin later to read on their business commute or share online.

Therefore, add your blogs, eBooks, guides – any written material that can add value to your Pinterest boards.

For example – Instamojo offers blogs, curated content, and resources on images with a text overlay for small businesses to read and share.

How to add blogs to Pinterest

3. Seasonal product promotions

Create Pinterest boards for the holiday season. Diwali decor ideas, Christmas brunch buffet announcements – be creative!

Seasonal promotions

4. Ideas that inspire your brand

Do you have customers showing off your products on Pinterest? Create a board for them! Do you perhaps run a home decor business, and you want your customers to know that you love Kerala-style interiors too? PIN IT! Keep a board named “Ideas that inspire us” and your customers will be impressed!

Share inspirational DIY videos and articles to your pin boards too. Allows customers to try something new for themselves, via your Pinterest account!

5. Tutorials

Pinterest is the perfect place to stick an infographic. Even better, an infographic that explains how to use your product, an overview of your brand journey over the years or a simple “stats 2023” with good illustration.

Pinterest board

Tip: Remember to redirect your customers to a website or external landing page.

Pin Instamojo to your business

Offer potential customers the chance to explore and purchase your products immediately. Sign up on Instamojo and begin converting those pins into paisas. Just create a payment link and share it in your pins.

Add the link to purchase the product in the description of the pin, allowing customers to get to the checkout page instantly.

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