Simplest Online Accounting Course for Businesses in India

Online Accounting Course for Businesses instamojo mojoversity
(Last Updated On: February 23, 2022)

If you’re looking to understand the nuances of how accounting works for businesses, we have just the thing for you. In January, we teamed up with –  inventory management and accounting software platform – to create a simple beginner accounting course.

Basics course on online accounting for businesses:

Growing a business requires an entrepreneur to wear multiple hats. Whether you’re just starting off or have already been operational for a while, accounting lies at the core.

We understand how tricky maintaining books of accounts can be. Even if a business is outsourcing accounting, it’s always great to have knowledge about the flow of cash from operations, assets, liabilities, and more.

Most accounting courses in India are as expansive as the subject itself. In this course, we tried to condense it to the basics so we can help businesses quickly grasp the basics and help them get started.

Highlights of mojoVersity free online accounting course:

In this mojoVersity course by, you will learn-

  • The importance of maintaining books of accounts
  • Accounting compliances your business must know about
  • The different kind of accounts your business should maintain
  • How investors use accounting statements to make decisions
  • Key parameters to track to understand and make smarter financial decisions for your business

What’s more, you also get a FREE certificate after you complete the course. Take the quiz after the chapters to assess your knowledge and download the certificate.

Partnering with is a unique platform that allows businesses to seamlessly manage their inventory and accounts. With ProfitBooks accounting software, you can:

  • Create beautiful invoices
  • Receive online payments using payment gateway
  • Record advance payments
  • Track accounts receivables with sales reports

The platform is powered by accounting experts that have helped curate this mojoVersity course.

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Talk to an accounting expert LIVE

Webinar February Accounting SaaS platform - Instamojo and Proftbooks

Have questions about accounting? We are hosting a LIVE Ask Me Anything session on Facebook with Mohnish Katre, co-founder of on Feb 27, 2020.

We are also giving away a free resource after the webinar. Register here to claim your freebie.


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