Top 5 SaaS Tools Your Small Businesses Needs Today

Best SaaS tools your business needs today Instamojo blog
(Last Updated On: June 6, 2021)

For every small business to run successfully in the long run, you need a SaaS model. 

Previously, businesses had to buy user licenses before using the software. The onset of SaaS tools and companies changed that. SaaS stands for or ‘Software as a service’  – subscription-based software model introduced to replace costly user licenses.

Do you know how Spotify and Netflix replaced the need for buying CDs and DVDs? That’s what SaaS did for user licenses. 

In this blog, we will dig a little deeper into what SaaS means for your business, how it can benefit you and the best tools you need for your business. 

What is SaaS?

SaaS (Software as a service) is a method of software delivery or a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers using the internet. 

According to bigcommerce SaaS accounts for over 24% of all enterprise workloads (up from 14% in 2016)

Examples of SaaS companies: Instamojo, Google Apps, Dropbox, MailChimp, Slack, Hubspot.

5 SaaS Tools for small business:

SaaS platforms/tools make software available to anyone using the internet, normally for a monthly or annual subscription fee. 

1. Sales Software – IPIX CRM

Again, size does not matter here. If you are looking for an affordable SaaS tool to help take care of all your sales requirements, IPIX CRM is an ideal customer relationship management tool for you. It is a cloud-based centralized application that you and your team can use to understand any project or client needs easily, even on mobile. 

This product gives complete integration with other third-party software like project management software, biometrics, HR management solutions or simply understanding your clients. 

2. Data analytics Software – Shoppr

There are popular analytical tools out there (Google!) but in this list, we would like to talk about what works best for small businesses, both in terms of affordability and optimization. 

Shoppr is an app that connects to your online store or website using a really simple integration process and gives you access to your store and customer data + analytics.

Shoppr offers custom analytics tailored to your sales and growth targets. It helps you reach the right people and improve engagement rates.

“When deployed correctly, SaaS promises decreased infrastructure, speed of implementation and comparable customer experience. It also can save on upfront costs,” – David Wagner, VP – Computer Economics  

3. Accounting and Payroll software – Profitbooks

Profitbooks is a simple cloud computing accountancy SaaS tool that helps you create custom invoices, manage inventory, and track expenses without having any accounting knowledge. Your small business must keep track of planning, budgeting, forecasting, core accounting, billing, and invoicing, and time tracking.

ProfitBooks is a fast-growing tool and simple to use. It lets you create beautiful invoices, track expenses, and manage inventory without any accounting knowledge.

You can easily share the transaction data with your accountant/vendors. 

P.S: If you are curious to know more about accounting, you are in luck. We are conducting a LIVE webinar this month with the Co-founder of the company! If you want to know a little more about accounting, before you invest in the software, join in, it’ll be fun! Register for it here

3. eCommerce software – Instamojo

Not to toot our own horn, but if you are wondering what SaaS tool we are, this is it. Instamojo is your eCommerce website builder– and a SaaS platform with more than just payments to offer. If you have an online presence, check out the Instamojo online store. You can set it up for free and upgrade it to your preferred plan whenever you wish to. 

4. Customer Support Software – Syrow

You probably have to deal with customers – especially if you are in the B2C segment. A good SaaS tool you can use is Syrow; a top customer service outsourcing SaaS company. 

What sets Syrow apart from the rest of the customer support companies out there? The company’s success in this venture is largely due to a unique and futuristic AI + Human-based approach towards customer care.

Disclaimer: All the tools listed above (except IPIX) can be found on the Instamojo mojoDeveloper platform or the Instamojo app store. You can find them here. 

5. Marketing management with EngageBay

EngageBay is an integrated marketingsales, and support-friendly automation (with free CRM software) and it is considerably more economical for small businesses who want to level up their marketing game. EngageBay’s sales tools also offer contact management, email tracking, telephony, appointment scheduling, project management, gamification & more.

Why small businesses need SaaS tools?

Over 64% of small businesses now rely on SaaS tools to boost productivity and drive growth. It does not matter what size your business is, a majority of businesses today want to invest in these applications, in the next 2-3 years. 

To sum it all up:  

  • SaaS platforms do not require you to install and run software applications on a computer or laptop. 
  • Simply log in to your account from any device. and everything is available to you. 

Another study by smallbiztrends showed that over 85% of small businesses plan to invest in SaaS over the next five years. So why miss out on a good investment opportunity for your business? If you are looking for a reliable payment gateway SaaS platform, you are already here. 


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