Online Store Name Ideas: The Ultimate Plan

How to name your online store
(Last Updated On: May 25, 2021)

Would it make sense if Old Monk sold baby lotion? Or Katrina Kaif was called Salman Khan? We’re all brands in business and having the right brand name to justify what you sell is equally important. Here is your handy guide to the best online store name ideas.

What’s a Good Brand Name?

Getting the right name for your business idea is important because it is the first piece of marketing your customers are going to receive about you. A good brand name is usually:

  • Easy to pronounce
  • Unique
  • Easy to remember
  • Connects to the product

Wondering how to name your online store? Here’s the plan:

1. Keep your online store name short

A long name is not just hard to pronounce but is also difficult to spell which does not match with two of the above pointers of a good brand name.

Keep it short and simple. It need not have to be a trendy name. While the ideal length of characters for a successful brand name in 9, you can also try having two syllables in your online store name: for example, Insta-mojo, Coca-Cola, Facebook etc.

2. Pick a unique online store name for your brand

Don’t try to sound like a competitor brand or just any other brand that you really like. Pick a personalized name for your own brand. Try modifying a word – add a suffix or prefix.

However, don’t go overboard. You don’t want to sound like a competitor brand and get sued in court! Your brand name should reflect your business’ personality. Try avoiding clichés and adding descriptive words to your brand name.

3. Make your online store name web-friendly

If you want to start your online store, you must make the business name web-friendly. Run a search on Google Adwords to see which words rank the highest in search terms. You can also use name generating tools to help you find your perfect online business name.

You can also consider brainstorming with a couple of people to come up with a list of names for your business.

Try searching for a “.com” domain name. This doesn’t just lend more authenticity to your business but also have a higher search rating. Also, most people think .org or .net are organizations and don’t perceive it as a business.

4. Add a logo to your online store name

Does your business have a logo? Logos are the face of your business/brand. In fact, a logo can help you name your business better. For example – Apple and Microsoft Windows.

Logos don’t just help in getting you a better online store name but also help customers recall and recognize your business better. Imagine seeing the trademark, yellow M right in the middle of a road and you could say a McDonald’s restaurant was nearby.

That’s what a good logo can do for you.

Testing your online store name

Now that you already have a few names in mind, test it out and see how the first batch of potential customers would react to it.

  • Tell 10 people your business name, separately. Ask them what they think the brand is about.
  • See if they can pronounce it.
  • Tell a separate group of people your business name and ask them to write it down on paper.
  • See if they can spell it right.

Don’t tell them what this exercise is for. This will help give you an unbiased view.

Oops! My Business Name Isn’t Right

If you’re reading this just after you have started your online store, it’s not too late. If you think your online store name is not meeting criteria, is not helping your brand or your sales because there could be a mismatch in the branding – change it.

Don’t be shy! Big brands have done it too! Remember when Hutch changed to Vodafone?

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Try something new today!


  1. Reading this article can give you ideas on how to improve your business and what type of name is good for our business.

  2. Good one..
    But Hutch was a different company and vodafone is a different company… its not change of branding or brand name. it’s sale of one company assets to another.

    Hutch (Hutchinson / Hongkong) sold its Indian assets to Vodafone.

  3. Thanks for sharing this blog beacuse i read this blog and get more info related to online store ultimate ideas plan.

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