How To Choose a Payment Gateway For Events

Best Payment Gateway for Events
(Last Updated On: June 5, 2021)

Got an event coming up? A music gig or food festival perhaps? Well, you are going to need a platform where your customers can book their tickets!

And that’s where you are going to struggle – finding the right payment gateway for events is no easy task, but this is only due to a large number of platforms that are already available online.

India is home to so many entertainment festivals and outdoor events – whether it is corporate or family. Unlike the older days, event companies are now using online payment platforms to sell tickets. When it comes to selling tickets, you do not just look for a trusted payment gateway, you look for payment solution providers.

So, how do you choose a payment gateway for your event?

How to choose a payment gateway for events

If you plan to host an event, you need an online payment platform to sell tickets. Preferably something free and easy to use. But there’s a lot more to take into consideration before you choose an online payment gateway for your event:

  1. Preferably, have a website for your event. This way, you can integrate your website to your preferred payment gateway.
  2. Keep your marketing strategy in place. It does not matter if your payment gateway is a popular one, it needs to be trustworthy. So

Once you take care of the pre-requisites for your event, look about for a payment gateway. Here are some of the factors you can consider when choosing an online payment gateway in India.

More than just a payment gateway:

Payment gateways aren’t the only thing you need to think about. You also have to think about the merchant accounts, which is essentially where your attendee payments go into (different from your regular business accounts). Some payment gateway providers offer just a payment gateway and require you to have your own merchant account.

1. Transaction fees:

Check how much your payment gateway charges for each transaction. Compare, analyse and make sure it does not have long term implications.

2. Safety and security:

How safe is your payment gateway? Make sure your payment gateway complies with a bank-grade security level, like PCI-DSS and provide a secure encrypted environment for payments. Opt for any fraud detection and prevention mechanisms. These features can be built into the gateway to avoid chargebacks and other issues.

3. Processing time:

Your event has a deadline. Ideally, you should collect your ticket sales a week before the event. Check how much time payment gateways take to process payments – the ideal time is T + 3 days.

4. International payments:

When choosing a payment gateway for events, make sure your preferred processor can facilitate international payments too. Even if your event is happening in India, you might have people traveling to come to attend your event. It is important to give them the option to make intonational payments.

5. Payment method:

Does the online payment gateway support your preferred payment methods? Customers will want more options to make payments for tickets.  Make sure your digital payment gateway allows for debit/credit card payments, NEFT/RTGS bank transfers,  e-wallet and UPI.

6. Transfer limit:

How much money can you receive at once from your payment gateway? It’s typically the buyer or the client sending the money who pays for the payment processor’s services and fees, and not the receiver. But, considering that your customer will likely be looking for the most affordable option, make sure you do consider the transaction fees before suggesting a payment option (a more affordable solution will also increase your chances of getting paid properly).

How to use Instamojo payment gateway for events?

Instamojo loves to host events (have you checked out our mojo meets yet?) and also helps facilitate online payments for event organisers too. Over the past 7 years, Instamojo has worked to provide payment solutions that go beyond simply collecting payments for our sellers.

So, if you have an event coming up, this is why you can use Instamojo to collect online ticket sales:

Instamojo Free Online store:

As we said, we are more than just a payment gateway. The Instamojo free online store allows you to set up your very own customised store. There is no setup cost, no maintenance cost and of course, no limit on the number of transactions – once you complete your KYC details.

With the Instamojo online store, you can also enjoy a live chat feature that helps you collect leads. You can use the store to sell your event merchandise, like tees, mugs or anything you know customers will want to buy prior to your event.

Zero Convenience Fee:

Instamojo convenience fee allows you to charge customers an additional 2%+Rs.3 on a transaction, so you do not pay any fee. With this feature, you get exactly what you charge, in your bank account.

Bulk Payments: 

If your events company is looking to sell tickets for groups, then you could use the bulk payment feature on Instamojo.

How our sellers use Instamojo to sell tickets:

Of course, we have receipts to prove that Instamojo facilitates online payment solutions for events in the country. One of these is Majuli Music Festival, a lovely 3-day music festival that seeks to ave the northeastern island of Majuli, located in Assam.

Majuli Music Festival brings together Indian and global music, art and culture, local food and traditionally brewed rice beer tasting for everyone. They used Instamojo’s payment links to collect tickets for their music event.

Creating event tickets on Instamojo:

If you want to sell tickets on Instamojo, all you need to do is create an account and follow these quick simple steps:

  1. Sign up on Instamojo and login to your dashboard.
  2. Click on ‘Add product’
  3. Create your event and fill in the details. You can add images and SEO optimise your event too.

payment gateway for events 1

Besides this, festivals like Ziro Music Festival, bands like Parvaaz and Agam too, use the Instamojo online store to sell band merchandise and other products for their gigs.

So what are you waiting for? If you need to start selling tickets online – you can get started with Instamojo!


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