4 ways small online businesses are celebrating Christmas

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2022)

Christmas 2021 is here! Put on your red cone hats, decorate Christmas trees and share cups of hot chocolate with your loved ones! We also saw small businesses joining in the festive cheer with their own little twists. Here are 4 ways small online businesses are celebrating Christmas this year.

1. Offering discounts 

December is the time when there is an influx of customers to online stores. They buy gifts for their families and loved ones. One of the ways in which small businesses are celebrating Christmas is by offering discounts to increase their sales. Some businesses can also have fun games that customers can play to win different kinds of discounts or complimentary gifts with their purchases. Such discounts help increase customer engagement and customer retention.

Cooking studio, a home bakery, is a store that has a very attractive ‘spin the wheel option’ on their website. The wheel has different options ranging from 5% off to “no luck today”. They also have a 50% off Christmas sale on their website!

Small online business spin the wheel


June Cosmetics, a vegan cosmetic store, also has a holiday sale that offers 20% off. You have to use the code “Santa is here”.

Holiday sale small business

2. Festive look 

Another way that online stores are embracing Christmas cheer is by changing the look of their website as well as their social media accounts. They can change the banner images, or post content on social media that fit the Christmas theme.

Flour, an online store selling baked goods, has a very attractive Christmas themed banner for their website!

Christmas online store banner


Stores like the June cosmetics have also changed their profile picture and overall colour theme on their Instagram to red to match the Christmas theme.

Small business online cosmetic store


If you are an online store owner and you want to experiment with creative designs for your store, use Canva, a free design tool that can help you design assets for your website.

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3. Themed products 

Many small businesses have started Christmas special catalogues. From Christmas themed products to Christmas themed food items, these stores are going all out to spread the Christmas cheer.

Knotanki, an online independent store sells handmade crochet products. For Christmas, they have added quirky and attractive crochet items that are Christmas themed. For example, crochet Santa, crochet Christmas ornaments etc. Check out these products here

knotanki small business christmass

What’s more, some independent home businesses have also invested in decorative packaging to make the products more attractive to the customer.

From shiny themed wrapping paper to decorative wicker baskets, small businesses owners are putting on their creative hats.


Look at the Christmas themed baked goods that the online store – Flour, has been selling!



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EitherOrr, an online store that specialised in handcrafted candleholders and ceramic products started a Christmas collection. The collection has candle holders and ceramic plates with pretty designs on them that remind you of the festive season.


small online business christmas catalogue


Know more about selling handmade products online here!

4. Additional pleasant surprises

Some businesses are also offering baskets of curated products for Christmas. From cookies to handmade products, online stores are using creative tactics to sell themed products during the festival. To spread the Christmas cheer further they are also adding in special freebies like stickers, or Christmas ornaments along with the products.


Small business christmas sale

Check out Mood Art by Kalyani A, an online store that makes handmade candles. They not only have Christmas themed products but also gift baskets that have an assortment of products, along with decorative items like streamers, a mini Christmas tree, and Christmas ornaments.


This year has had its ups and downs. But as the year comes to a close, be a proud small business owner who has had their head held up high throughout. Pat yourself on the back, and wish yourself the best for the coming year. For now, take a breathe and just enjoy all the warmth and love that Christmas brings along with it.

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