Small shoulders, big dreams – A glimpse into Ananya The Artist’s small business

Ananya the artist
(Last Updated On: April 20, 2022)

Ananya The Artist, a small business, is proof that you don’t need to have a degree or be of a certain age to follow your business dreams. All you need is heart, and Ananya has a lot of it!

Here’s a small glimpse into the journey of this small business.

The person behind Ananya The Artist

Ananya Mehra has always been passionate about art and painting. She started doodling when she was 13 and has never stopped since.

Her Instagram profile showcases the wonderful creations that Ananya puts all her heart into and the beautiful designs that she brings to life.

Ananya with the help of her sister -Aarohi Verma is now building a thriving small business of what had once just been a hobby.

From commissioned art pieces for people in various industries to selling personalized create cards, stationery, and more, Ananya is doing quite a lot.

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A post shared by Ananya Mehra (@ananyatheartist)

A young shy girl of just 17, Ananya has big dreams for herself. She hopes to expand her business on her Instamojo online storeAnanya the Artist. She wants to sell more creative art that is personalized according to the customer’s requirements.

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Proving that age is not a barrier for Ananya The Artist 

For a high school student, she already needs to manage a lot. From school, homework, to commissioned art pieces. Her sister proudly says “It’s Ananya. She loves what she does. She often stays up till 1 am finishing her art.”

When we asked Ananya how she manages, her answer is truthful and beautiful – “I just love art”.

Even though supportive parents and an encouraging sister have been a huge help to Ananya, her own determination to become someone whose work has value – is commendable.

Her first product that strengthened her resolve to be a small businesswoman who wants to sell art online – was her yearly calendar. Each month of the calendar adorned flowers that she painted. It was such a hit, that she made another calendar was the year 2022.

This time? With memes. A different direction for Ananya but still a success!


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A post shared by Ananya Mehra (@ananyatheartist)

She sees her age as an advantage, She is young, with dreams, and a lot of time to cultivate them.

And what helps her push her business along is an eCommerce platform that also doesn’t require a certain age, experience or prior knowledge of being a business person.

Instamojo – Helping people aim for the stars regardless of their age 

When Ananya’s sister saw Anaya’s potential to make it big, she experimented with a lot of platforms. Do you know why she chose Instamojo?

“I tried a lot of different platforms. But then I came across Instamojo. it was so easy to use. It took me under a day to fully set it up for my sister.” – Aarohi Mehra, Ananya’s elder sister.

And now they can easily accept and manage orders, share quick payment links with her customers, and also connect her Instagram profile with her Instamojo store for her customers to easily connect to her.

Ananya has been such an inspiration for us, we are proud to call her our mojo star!

Ananya The artist


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If you are a person who wants to see if their passion project can turn into a thriving business – you need a reliable platform.

It doesn’t matter whether you are 15 or 50, all you need is a stable internet connection.

If we have Ananya on one side, we have other inspirations like Chachi Cross Stitch, who even at 50 did not let age define her resolve to be a businesswoman! Read her story here.

On Instamojo, you can start your own online store for free. And it’s so easy to set up that people of all ages or backgrounds can easily adapt to it. You do not need to know how to code or have an MBA degree.

You just log in, create your own online store, choose from the different themes available, and upload the images and descriptions of your products. Voila! Your first online store is ready.

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