The elite league: Discover these premium online stores of Instamojo (2023)

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2023)

Hey there, fellow eCommerce enthusiasts! Today, we’re embarking on a delightful journey into the world of stunning online stores hosted on Instamojo. If you’re on the lookout for some inspiration and eye candy, you’re in for a treat!

In 2023, we decided to make a fresh compilation of our crème de la crème
the Instamojo premium online stores that have mastered the art of design, nailed the user experience, and are growing like wildfire!  

What does an Instamojo premium online store offer?

The Instamojo premium online store offers –

  1. Powerful themes to choose from
  2. A completely customisable website layout 
  3. Lower transaction fees
  4. Auto shipment tracking 
  5. Custom domain linking
  6. Discount Coupons
  7. Abandoned cart alerts
  8. Custom fields and more 

Still not convinced to set up a premium online store? Hopefully, these beautiful stores inspire today to sign up!

Aboli Jewellery 

Aboli is an online store based in Pune, serving buyers worldwide for 10 years. This online store offers customisable hand-stamped jewellery and accessories designed by the founder – Aboli.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, beginner, or professional jewellery designer, they have a wide range of unique supplies for you. Get creative with beads, pendants, charms, findings, components, and tools.  Read their story here.

Aboli Jewellery

Visit their online store


Happie Curves 

Women are often limited in style and fashion due to their size, which shouldn’t be the case. The stigma around lingerie in India is also a concern, and there’s a lack of Indian brands offering quality innerwear for plus-size women. But ‘size’ shouldn’t restrict fashionable and comfortable clothing. All bodies should be equally celebrated. Read their inspiring story here!

With this in mind, this online store offers designer intimate wear collections that prioritize fashion, comfort, and body inclusivity. Step out with confidence and slay!

Happie curves

Visit their premium online store 


The vision at Silverrage is to give Silver the recognition it truly deserves in society and establish a solid global market presence. The collection of this premium online store provides exclusive and handcrafted jewellery pieces designed to suit every occasion, personality, budget, and mood.

Their website design and user-interface have won them the award of “The D2C Award for Excellence” ! Check out our other Mojo Star winners here.

You’ll find pieces in their premium online store that seamlessly transition from daywear to formal evening affairs. At Silverrage, they pride themselves on the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, combining beauty, utility, and practicality.



Visit their Instamojo premium online store 


Jumbo Green 

This Instamojo premium online store is your trusted supplier of top-notch supplements, nutrients, and care products for a wide range of animals and plants. They are all about providing exceptional products for farmers, livestock, pets, and their owners, with a focus on farms, gardens, cows, goats, rabbits, poultry, buffalo, dogs, and cats.

This company was founded on the belief that every animal deserves the absolute best care and nutrition and they are committed to delivering on that promise!

Jumbo green

Make your pets happy here

Design Decor Lifestyle 

This brand was founded by a team of women entrepreneurs with the goal of bringing handcrafted decor products into homes. Inspired by timeless elements of Indian architecture, their products carry a traditional charm while blending seamlessly with modern aesthetics.

The products stand out as unique because they are “Dil Se …..Indian. Each of them is either self-designed with careful study of details or hand-painted with our quirky splash of colours.”

Decor duniya lifestyle

Spruce up your house with these beautiful designs 

Give your business the premium care 

Are you getting inspired by watching these entrepreneurs live their dreams? Your dreams may not be that far ahead.

This is how easy it is to set up premium online stores on Instamojo.

For just the price of a samosa and masala bun a day, you can build your own premium online store. Host your online business on Instamojo, India’s simplest D2C tech platform!

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