How to buy a domain name for your eCommerce business in India

How to buy a domain name in India
(Last Updated On: September 1, 2023)

A domain name is like a unique digital address that directs users to your website on the Internet. It’s kind of like the street address for a house, you know?

If you love cheesecakes. And we told you, buy amazing desserts at 

What is easier – the string of numbers? Or a short memorable name like “Grandmama’s Bakery”?

A domain is your digital identity and forms an immensely important part of your branding. So, what is a domain and how to buy a domain name in India? Here’s a full guide!

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What is a domain name?

This name that you typed into a browser’s address bar to look for a specific website is the ‘domain’. It serves as a straightforward and memorable shortcut to your website’s IP address – that’s the complex string of numbers that computers use to identify each other on the network.

So when you type, our homepage is where you land!

Instamojo homepage

When someone types your domain name into their browser’s address bar, their computer uses it to find the server where your website is hosted and then shows them your website.

It’s really your own special identifier and digital calling card, super important for establishing your presence on the web.

What are the types of domains? 

What you should know before how to buy a domain name in India, is that there are multiple parts of a URL.

The parts of a URL

Here is a breakdown of these different types!

Top-Level Domains (TLDs)

Top-level domains are the very end of a web address. They usually refer to the type of organization or region that is associated with the website.

Top-level domains provide an easy way to quickly determine which type of website you are visiting.

These are the most widely recognized domains and typically include .com, .org, .net, and country-specific ones such as .in for India. These are considered to be in high demand in India due to their wide recognition and appeal.

For example, has the TLD – .com 

Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs)

These are specific to each country or a particular geographic location. For example, .uk for the United Kingdom, .au for Australia, and .in for India.

Here are some examples:


These are all official government websites of India.

Second-Level Domains (SLDs)

These are directly below the TLDs in the hierarchy and are the ones most people are familiar with.

For example, in the domain name, ‘instamojo’ is the SLD.

THIS is where your branding will matter. The name that you give your website should appear in this second-level domain.

For example, if the name of your business is Silver Dazzle. Your second-level domain should also be the same.

If your domain name does not match your business name, it can come across as unprofessional and lead to a loss of trust in your online customers. 

Third-Level Domains

These are subdomains of SLDs and are optional. They provide an additional level of naming and addressing and can serve different business functions. For example, ‘’ is a third-level domain.

Each type of domain serves a different purpose and may be better suited to different kinds of businesses. Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider your business needs and goals when registering domains.

Which domains are in high demand in India? 

What you should know about how to buy a domain name in India is that high-demand domains in India typically revolve around top-level domains (TLDs), with .com being the prime choice for most businesses due to its global recognition and credibility.

However, .in is increasingly popular as it denotes a strong presence in the Indian market and is preferred by businesses specifically targeting Indian consumers.

Other sought-after TLDs include .org for non-profit organizations, .net for technology-based firms, and, a second-level domain that combines global and local recognizability.

In addition, industry-specific domains such as .tech, .edu, and .gov are also in high demand for their respective sectors.

New age domains: Moving beyond .com 

In recent years, the landscape of Internet top-level domains (TLDs) has witnessed a significant shift. People are increasingly moving beyond the conventional .com domain.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) introduced new top-level domains (nTLDs) in 2012 to offer more choices and specificity to website owners.

These include industry-specific domains like .ai for artificial intelligence, .photography for photographers, and personalized ones like .dad or .phd.

eCommerce business owners especially need a new digital identity. They have a vast digital footprint with content on multiple platforms. Introducing the .link domain! 

The .LINK revolution 

A .link domain is both universally understood and extremely versatile. It is relevant to anybody, any brand and any business, anywhere.

It is mainly used by creators, entrepreneurs and forward-looking brands who share their content across many digital platforms and profiles and use a .link address to tie it all together. 

Where are .link domains used?

.link is used for websites, link-in-bio profiles, product link and campaign link management, payment links, digital business card profiles, QR codes, blogs, and landing pages. Essentially, anywhere there are links.

Get a .LINK domain for absolutely free.

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What is a custom domain? 

A custom domain is a unique, personalised web address that users can acquire for their website. Unlike a regular domain name, which may include the name of a hosting service (e.g., ‘’), a custom domain typically only contains the name you choose, followed by a top-level domain (TLD) like ‘.com’, ‘.net’, or ‘.org’ (e.g., ‘’).

Having a custom domain can help you:

  • Bring a professional touch to your small business
  • Boosts your brand identity
  • Add credibility
  • Gives you the freedom to switch hosting services down the line without changing your web address. This way, you can maintain consistency for your site visitors. Custom domains are increasingly important for building a strong online presence.

How to buy a domain name in India 

Buying and registering a domain is a straightforward process that typically involves the following steps:

Step 1: Identify your preferred domain name

This should be unique, easy to spell, and reflective of your brand or business. Make sure it doesn’t infringe on any trademarks.

Step 2: Check domain availability

Use a domain search tool to find out if your chosen domain name is available. If it’s taken, you may need to get creative and consider other options or variations.

Step 3: Choose the right domain extension

As mentioned earlier, .com is globally recognised, but .in or could be more suitable if you’re targeting the Indian market. Or you could portray your business as a digital modern business and go with something more relevant like .link.

Step 4: Register your domain

Once you’ve found an available domain that you like, you can register it through a domain registrar. The process usually involves filling out a form with your information and paying a registration fee.

Step 5: Configure your domain

After registration, you’ll need to configure your domain to point to your website. This typically involves updating your domain’s DNS settings.

Remember, registering a domain is just the first step. To ensure you maintain ownership, you’ll need to renew your domain registration periodically, typically every year or two, depending on the terms of your contract with the domain registrar.

Here are some other things to keep in mind to know how to buy a domain name in India.

How much can buying and registering a domain in India cost? 

The cost of an eCommerce domain name in India can vary significantly depending on factors such as the domain extension, the registrar, and the demand for the specific domain name.

On average, a new .com domain name might cost anywhere between INR 600 to INR 1,000 per year.

However, premium domains, which are short, simple, and easy to remember, can cost considerably more, sometimes running into thousands or even lakhs of rupees.

Domain names with the .in extension, which are often preferred by businesses targeting the Indian market, typically range from INR 400 to INR 700 per year.

Remember, these are recurring costs as you need to renew your domain registration each year to maintain ownership. It’s always a good idea to check prices with several registrars when researching how to buy a domain name in India.

Why is choosing the right domain so important? 

Choosing the right domain extension is crucial as it can significantly influence your website’s visibility and credibility. Here is a simple guide to help you make the right choice:

  1. Consider your audience: If your business is geared towards a specific country, consider using a country code top-level domain (ccTLD). For instance, .in is often used by businesses targeting the Indian market.
  2. Consider your industry: Some industries have specific domain extensions, such as .edu for educational institutions or .tech for technology-based businesses. These can lend credibility and context to your website.
  3. Think about brand-ability: Your domain extension should fit well with your brand name and not cause confusion.
  4. Check availability: Your chosen domain name may not be available with the preferred extension. In such cases, you may have to consider other suitable extensions.

Remember, the ideal domain extension will depend on your specific circumstances and business needs. Research your options carefully before registering a domain.

How to protect your domain name 

Once you’ve registered a domain, ensure domain security and privacy to protect your investment. Use WHOIS Privacy Protection or an SSL Certificate to guard against online abuse and cybercriminals.

Also, don’t forget to renew your domain name before it expires!

Buying a domain from somebody else 

Purchasing a domain from another person might be the optimal solution if your desired domain name is already taken. This process, known as the secondary domain market, involves negotiation and a fair amount of research.

Here’s a basic guide:

  1. Contact the current owner: The current owner’s contact information can usually be found through a Whois database search or the ICANN lookup tool. Express your interest and negotiate the resale price.
  2. Use an escrow service: To safeguard the transaction, use an escrow service. This service will hold your payment until the current owner transfers the domain to you.
  3. Confirm the transfer: Once the payment is made, the previous owner should initiate the domain transfer. You’ll need to confirm the receipt on your end.
  4. Update your information: As the new owner, make sure to update the domain registration information.

Remember, buying a domain from a person often costs more than registering a new one. Always do your homework and ensure that the price reflects the domain’s value to your business.

Get your FREE domain with Instamojo 

If you’re setting up an eCommerce website for your business, the easiest way to register a domain is by purchasing it directly through Instamojo. Let me tell you why it’s a great choice:

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  3. When you purchase the Instamojo Premium Store Plan or Smart Page Pro, you’ll even get a discounted domain. It’s a win-win!
  4. To top it all off, you’ll get secure matching forwarding email addresses.

So, if you’re ready to take your eCommerce website to the next level, register your domain through Instamojo. You won’t be disappointed!

Registering your domain with Instamojo

Follow these steps to choose and register your domain from Instamojo:

Step 1

Visit Instamojo Domains and type in the domain name you desire in the search bar along with your preferred domain extension. Click Find domain.

How to buy a domain name in India

Step 2

If your desired domain name and extension is available, it will show up in the results. To purchase, just click on “Buy Now,” fill in the details and make the payment.

(Note: the payment is an annual registration fee. You will have to pay the amount every year to retain your domain).

If your desired domain name is not available, you can pick from the list of suggestions and extensions. In this example, I searched for “moonlightdancer” with .link extension. The name was available. I could see still see the other options I had as well.

How to buy a domain name in India

As you can see, the .link extension comes for FREE. 

Step 3: Verify your email address and get your domain linked to your eCommerce website!

That’s it! In three easy steps, you can choose and register a domain name for your eCommerce website.

If you have an Instamojo online store or Smart Page, you can register for a domain or link an existing one directly from your dashboard.

Get your domain

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