The Instamojo team has fun becoming online store builders for a day 👷 🛠️

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2023)

With our new feature “Builder”, anybody can build the store of their dreams. And it doesn’t just have to be an entrepreneur. We held a fun little contest at Instamojo, where the employees themselves took a crack at ‘building the store of their dreams’. 

The winner of the contest was chosen on the basis of:

  • Creativity shown in homepage customisation 
  • Effective marketing widgets added 
  • The overall look and feel of the online store 

We encouraged our team to just have fun. After all, building an online store has never been easier. You need ZERO coding skills. Just drag and drop, choose your favourite multimedia elements, and customise your fonts, colours and layouts. Your very own unique online store is ready! 

We also tell you what we liked and why so you can use them for your online store! 

So which Instamojoite had the online store that will make you want to smash the “Buy Now” button? 

Our team takes pride in understanding what a growing D2C eCommerce brand needs! And step 1 of that is to go through the struggle themselves.

From sales, customer support, marketing, and engineers to even the leadership – everyone had a fun day using the platform of Instamojo as a customer.

Want to know more about us? Connect to the Instamojo team on Linkedin! 

Instamojo demo store #1: The Masala Cafe 

The winner with the most beautiful online store: 

Adith Vishnu Jayavel
Customer Support Executive, Instamojo

 What we loved: 

When you enter, your attention is immediately captured by a stunning pop-up that was integrated with the help of Poptin, our pop-up partner. 

In the corner, there is an attractive video widget that acts as another Call to Action button for temporary events like workshops. It includes an embedded form to collect visitor details. 

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There are specific sections that highlight the best-selling products, with stunning images, effective product descriptions along reviews for that product!

Pro tip: Highlighting certain products this way can hold the customer’s attention better and can reduce cart abandonment.

The Instagram posts that have been embedded on the homepage give the impression of a holistic and popular professional D2C brand.  

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Instamojo demo store #2: Kukreti

The second-best online store was built by:

Sandeep K, 

Sr. Manager – Organic Sales Devision, Instamojo

 What we loved: 

A strong CTA on the hero image immediately tells the customer what their unique offering is. 

A video embedded just below the hero banner tells the story of the brand and helps captivate website visitors the moment they enter. 

Along with the best sellers, this online store also offers other services that help establish the authority of the brand!

Look at video recipes that have been embedded, and extra services like home delivery and corporate catering that have been highlighted. 


Instamojo demo store #3: Snitch 

Bonus: The winner of the most “unique store”:

Dhruv Negi, 

Product Coordinator, Instamojo

The objective of a good online store is to wow the customers! And this store does just that. With a unique layout for its hero banner and the GIF below, it is impossible for you to NOT pause and look. 

With lots of movements attractive visuals and funny wordplay like #EndOfStale clothing, this online store is definitely the right amount of jazzy and snazzy! 

Love these stores? You can create one just like them! 

Save money on hiring website designers! Or on developers. Get everything you need at your own fingertips with the Instamojo dashboard.

Use the “Builder” feature to completely customise your homepage! Rearrange sections, embed your favourite videos, social media pages, blogs, timers, pop-ups and so much more! 


Here is the complete guide on how to get the best out of this feature. 


Build an online store that elevates your professional brand. 

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