mojoStores: Our recent favourite Instamojo stores to inspire you for Navaratri

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(Last Updated On: October 14, 2023)

We have arrived at the most exciting time of the year! Just lights and smiles around. But for eCommerce business owners, this time of the year brings a fresh wave of joy. So today, we want to inspire you. For this month’s festive edition of mojoStores, we bring to you Instamojo online stores that will inspire you to make the best use of the festive rush! 

These stores were chosen because of:

  1. Their marketing strategies during the festive season
  2. The products that they are selling
  3. The overall look and feel of their online store

Let’s get into it!

Instamojo online stores to inspire you for the festive season!

#1 mojoStore: Decor Chidiya 

This online store sells beautiful handcrafted home decor that has an ethnic flavour. For Navaratri, if you want beautiful cushions, decorations around the clay idols, home decorations, festive tassels, ethnic table covers etc – Decor Chidiya is a colourful treat for you!

What you can learn from them: The products that the founder of this Instamojo online store chose to sell belong to a niche. This earns them a loyal customer following.

Their product photography is also a testament to how beautiful your home would look if you buy those!

And their Instagram is a treasure trove of bright and captivating reels, storytelling and product showcasing!


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#2 mojoStore: Sajja 

Fashion accessories are already a very popular category for eCommerce sellers. But for a D2C brand to stand out, it’s important to offer something unique. The USP for this particular Instamojo online store is that handcrafted sustainable homegrown accessories brand that offers a variety of stunning pieces for fashion-conscious individuals.

Sajjaa’s accessories are not just good-looking; they’ve got a rich cultural vibe going on too. They take inspiration from India’s stunning heritage and blend traditional techniques and motifs into their pieces.

Each item has a story to tell and embodies the spirit of Indian art and culture.

Instamojo online store: Sajaa


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What you can learn from them: Their online store has a rich category of products to sell online. From blogs to intensive care instructions, they also want to share their expertise and educate their customers – building a deeper relationship.

#3 mojoStore: Craftpotli

It may be a time to celebrate and indulge in extravaganza. but this is also a crucial time to reflect upon yourself. This is a time of giving and lifting up communities that have historically always been deprived of resources.

Artisan brands like Craftpotli are doing exactly that. they are shining a spotlight on the tribal communities of India who have always depended on natural resources for their livelihood.

But now, thanks to eCommerce platforms like Instamojo, they are getting an opportunity to bring their handcrafted treasures to the world! And for this festive season, their products will make you proud to be part of the Indian heritage.

Instamojo online stores
Instamojo online store: Craftpotli

What we can learn from them: For small businesses that are artisan-led or tribal-led, scaling a business comes second only to telling your story to the world. At this store, you will find specialities from different tribe clusters across India. They are helping tell the stories of thousands of women whose hard work often stays invisible.

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#4 mojoStore: Akahndeep 

Lights always see more demand during the festive season. This online store is captivating the Indian festive spirit with its ethnic and traditional lamps! their unique glass lamps will bring a touch of glamour to the decorations around your household during the puja ceremonies.

The lamps being sold in this online store are also specially designed so that they reduce fuel waste and help burn longer than other normal ghee lamps. These glass/brass oil/ghee Containers are made in a way where the oil/ghee is only required to fuel the Diya, which helps to save 30% to 40% of the fuel compared to other Diyas.

Instamojo online store: Akhanddeep
Instamojo online store: Akhanddeep

What we can learn from them: As business owners, revenue is always a priority. But that should not come a the expense of sustainability. This online store is teaching us how to embrace Indian traditions while also maintaining an ethical business strategy. 

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