5 top eCommerce myths that harm your small business

ecommerce myths
(Last Updated On: February 6, 2023)

Without a doubt, eCommerce stores have opened up more opportunities for sellers to thrive and succeed online. 

Despite the many benefits that eCommerce store offers, many people still fear to set up their E-commerce businesses. What is it that’s stopping them?

Turns out there are certain myths that hold people back from starting an eCommerce store and achieving the best results. So allow me to debunk a few of the most common eCommerce myths, and the truth about them.

1. There is too much competition out there

eCommerce has the potential to reach countless customers regardless of your physical location. While the space is competitive, small businesses still have an incredible opportunity to stand out and reach an entirely new audience.

Beat your competition with better customer service, products, and services. Study your competitors carefully and learn from their mistakes. Investing your time in these aspects will pay off through customer loyalty, word-of-mouth promotion, and a reputation for quality. Keep the big picture in mind as you work on this goal.

2. It is expensive to start an eCommerce business

Nowadays, it is very easy and affordable to start an eCommerce business. Take Instamojo for example. We provide an amazing set of in-built features to build a robust e-commerce business.

Wondering how much it will cost to get started?

Zero rupees! You can get started with us free of cost and only pay transaction fees every time someone purchases from your store. We also have premium plans with 2 unique offerings which you can check here.

3. Marketing is costly

It takes money to make money. One of the biggest myths in the eCommerce space is that you don’t need marketing and advertising if your product is good enough. Well, if you still believe that, let me break it to you that your products will not sell themselves.

Online advertising is an absolute must for eCommerce. You’ll need to employ marketing tactics like paid ads, search, email, content, and social marketing to create a demand for your business. So, build a good marketing strategy and stick to it.

4. Small businesses cannot sell globally

Think global trade is just for big businesses? Not exactly.

One of the best things about living in the age of the internet, and social media, is how easy it is to reach a global audience. Using social media consistently and creatively can help you reach an international audience!

Participate and be active on as many of the top social media platforms as possible for foreign buyers to find your site. Develop a relationship with them, garner their trust, and offer products that they want. Create an outstanding and memorable experience that keeps shoppers coming back.  

5. Indian vs global – you can only make a profit by selling internationally

It might be tempting to target everybody all around the world, but it’s not the best approach when you just started your business. In the beginning, it is better to focus on the local market, and after you have established your presence and practices, you can start expanding towards international markets. 

Here’s the thing: eCommerce moves fast. If you let these misconceptions get in the way of your business, you may never grow to your full potential.

To help small businesses like yours identify and overcome these myths and misconceptions, we will be hosting a webinar to discuss 

  1. How to set up your unique dream business
  2. eCommerce myths debunked – the why nots and what-ifs
  3. Funding your business – discussion on the different stages
  4. How to find your customers when you have just set up your brand

What’s the wait for? Start your eCommerce business now without having any second thoughts and be the fighter for the eCommerce myths for your small business.

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