How To Use Facebook for Customer Research

Facebook customer research
(Last Updated On: July 6, 2022)

Everybody uses Facebook, it is a good place to market your business as well. But do you know your target audience? Or what they like? Let’s find out how we can use Facebook for customer research and remarketing.

Customer research is important for your business because it helps you understand the needs of your existing customers and to expand your consumer base.

Want to know what kind of users follow you on Facebook? How can you get them to come back and buy from you? Here are a few ways you can use Facebook for customer research:

Look at the insights of your company’s Facebook page

Facebook insights will give you group demographic and behaviour data of those who follow you. You can then create content according to your demographics and the behavioural data. 

This will also give you information of your posts they find most interesting and engaging. You can analyze this data to know what kind of content your posts should focus on.

The Audience insights tool will help you to understand and create an audience who you feel may like your product.

Run Facebook ad campaigns

Campaigns on Facebook are aimed to boost your posts. 

You can make advertisements according to the demographics of your target audience and their behavioural data you get from insights. You can even customize your audience.

With Facebook ads, you can be as creative as you want. You can test your audience with these Facebook ad campaigns on your product or service.  You can have different ad copies for different audiences.

This will not only help you get feedback on your product but also get you information on how to market your product or service better.

Facebook Ads Manager is useful for managing campaigns, tracking ads results, engagement and keeping a tab on money being spent.

Take a look at this blog post on how to create Facebook ads

Use Facebook polls

You can use Facebook polls to directly ask your customers for feedback. You can ask them whether they like your product, how do they find it or simply whether they would buy a product like yours. 

With Facebook polls, you can ask a variety of question types: multiple choice, ranking scale of 1 to 5, yes or no and text. Once you’ve finished designing your poll, Facebook provides you with a share link you can post on your own Facebook page or embed in your website.

You can use Facebook ads for your polls to reach a wider audience. 

Facebook search tool

The simplest of all too tools yet very powerful. You can use hashtags to know what is trending and also search for businesses that are part of the same industry that you are.

Also, you can find groups of people that fit your target audience. This will help you network better. You can also answer questions pertaining to your industry, product or services. This will increase your visibility.

Marketing on Facebook is easy and it gives you a lot of data for customer research too.

You can advertise on Facebook and even do customer research without having a website. Set up your very own FREE online store with Instamojo in under 2 minutes! 

Want to know more about using Facebook to attract customers? Here’s a webinar we conducted with Rutuja Kagwade, a Strategic Partners Manager at Meta.

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