The small business owner’s guide to work-life balance

Work life balance for small business owners in India
(Last Updated On: June 11, 2022)

To build a successful, long-term business we need to re-assess the way we do business.

Because for a lot of Indians, running a full-time business means sacrificing one’s mental health, family life and sometimes, physical health too. 

Having a work-life balance can be challenging and may take time to build. But it’s definitely not impossible.

Identifying the core problem with our work-life balance

The World Health organisation conducted studies which showed that Indians suffer from a multitude of mental health issues as a result of workplace stress. An Economic Times Study also showed that over 67% of Indians think about working even when they are not at work!

On average, Indians work at least 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, compared to the standard 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in other countries. Along with this over 63% of Indians are prone to getting work calls during holidays.

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In a study conducted by for ET, over 75% of the people surveyed said that their office/workplace/business did not have a work-life policy in place.

So what can you do, to ensure your business can run smoothly and you do not fall prey to burnout, stress, and the medical aftermath of a poor work schedule? We have some tips to help you. 

7 tips to manage work-life balance all year round

1. Stop replying round the clock

Schedule everything. Take help of technology like Google calendars, to maintain lists, schedule time with your family, plan hobbies, hang out with friends, etc.  When you manage your time, you will know it is absolutely ridiculous to reply to emails/calls or even send them at 2:00 AM! 

Even for a business owner like you, post 6:00 PM is family/your time. Also, this helps you keep that time as a buffer for any urgent requirements that need tending to. Let your vendors/employees/teammates know that you will not be available post a certain time. Make it clear, and be assertive about it.

Here is an effective professional planner app to help you get started.

2. Eat your vegetables, go for a walk

We have all heard this before, but it is impossible to implement a healthy routine when you find yourself working round the clock. Did you know the human brain can only focus for 20 minutes straight at a time on one task? So, no one will buy the ‘workaholic’ label you give yourself. Try to follow a reliable health care program. Take it one day at a time, and track your progress using an app of your choice. 

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3. It’s okay to take a break

Millennials working in 2020 are facing the biggest burnout record in history. Due to fierce competition, higher cost of living and lower pay, millennials are working all day to make ends meet. Listen to your body, take a break. Your business is like your baby, sometimes, you need a babysitter and you need a break.

Promise yourself a vacation once a year. It need not be expensive, just make sure you take a few days off to unwind and do the things you like. Even while working, make sure you get up and take a stroll around your office space. Grab a ‘chai’, call a friend or just meditate. 

We talked to mothers who run businesses about their journey. Read this blog to get the advices they have on running an eCommerce business as a Mompreneur.

4. Keep a productivity chart

Running a small business means having to deal with over 100 tasks a day. You are putting out fires, dealing with customer complaints, and uncertainty.

Try this the next time – maintain a productivity chart. Keep a To-do list and write down how much time each task took to complete. The next day, take up the task that took you the most time and try to do it faster. Challenge yourself to stop working after a certain time.

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5. Use work time to network 

A valuable lesson all entrepreneurs have learned since the lockdown is; the importance of networking. If you have thrown yourself completely into your work, your networking time reduces. Time management helps you find extra time to network and find or create like-minded people who do business like you.

6. Reduce travel time

Once the end of lockdown takes place, assess if you need to work remotely in order to boost your productivity. We live in traffic-filled cities, and if you live in the metros, you probably spend hours stuck in traffic.

Cut down on unnecessary traveling and commuting time and use it to take care of anything pending. Remember, you do not work after a particular time.

7. Delegate work efficiently

“Jack of all trades and master of none”. Don’t be that. Delegate work to others. You don’t necessarily have to do everything yourself. Most entrepreneurs face burnout because they take up everything. 

Multitasking is an entrepreneurial virtue, but it is important that you delegate tasks to others. Choose the right people for the role and also learn to trust people.

Delegation helps your company function efficiently and also lets you find the work-life balance to help business go as usual. Do your job as the leader of the company rather than getting into the specifics of every role.

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At Instamojo, our core idea is to help entrepreneurs sell easily. On our platform, you can set up your dream business from scratch, and let us handle the rest while you work to maintain a work-life balance. In fact, we got a new and improved look, just to help you with that. 

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