Mother’s day edition: Meet 4 Mompreneurs who are crushing it

Mother's day
(Last Updated On: May 25, 2023)

More women are running successful businesses online and Mompreneurs are at the forefront! Mothers who are also business owners deserve special mention because being a mom and entrepreneur is a very delicate and stressful balance.

This mother’s day, we had the privilege to talk to 4 women who decided to be hands-on moms and embrace their entrepreneur side as well.

If you’re someone who wants to run a business along with raising a family, read on to get first hand advice from Mompreneurs who are rocking it with their eCommerce businesses.

Happily Ever Laughter: Merchandise store for the Armed Forces Community

Ankita’s online merchandise business is a perfect example of a community-grown business. 

Ankita – Founder of Happily Ever Laughter

After quitting her full-time job as an art director, Ankita spent her time exploring her drawing skills. She eventually started an Instagram page where she posted relatable comics of being an Army wife. Eventually, this transformed into a small community of military wives and children. 

The business opportunity did not go unnoticed. Slowly and steadily, she started making merchandise products that her community adored, and thus Happily Ever Laughter was born. 

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Visit Ankita’s online store where you can find some quirky, cute products that make you smile.

Mompreneurs online store
Happily Ever Laughter – Online store

About starting her business with Instamojo, Ankita says:

“For a brand like mine, which basically has only one employee, me – Instamojo has been a saviour. Its a one stop solution for cataloguing my products, making sales, handling shipping, refunds, inventories etc. Thanks to Instamojo, I’m able to concentrate on other aspects of growing my business without a worry as I know this side is taken care of.”

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Sorting out priority

Juggling mom duties and business, Ankita learnt to work on only projects that are worth her time. “I choose the work I want to take up. So, I let go of projects that don’t do justice to my time and effort.”

On time management, Ankita prefers to be flexible rather than follow a strict routine, as it’s more practical being a mother:

“Having a routine is great and very helpful, but we know that with kids around that sometimes doesn’t work out. So its helps to be flexible and have buffer time for everything. Plan your days in advance, both in terms of work and personal life – this really helps.”

Ankita stresses on the fact that moms who run businesses should not be too hard on themselves!

Bhuli: Multidisciplinary art design studio

What started as sketch book entries for Tanya has now grown into an art studio brand with thousands of following on social media.

The brand stands for contemporary art that seeks to revive traditional arts and crafts. Bhuli sells niche art products – new age artisan products which ranges from calendars to printable art based on the elements of simplicity and sustainability.

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While Tanya has supportive people around her, she sometimes gets random comments on how she should be sending time as a mother. She always replies with, “why can’t I do both?”.

About running a business while being a new mom, Tanya says, “It’s been very fulfilling and I am certain all mothers who also want to be businesswomen, have it in them to manage both. I am doing just fine. I want to work slow and steady.”

bhuli design studio online store
Bhuli online store

Visit Bhuli online store for Indian-culture inspired illustrations.

Zoodle Kids: Creative educational resources for kids

Aarthi, founder of Zoodle Kids, calls herself an early education entrepreneur.

As a mom, she observed that that the current education system does not actively incorporate values such as kindness, gratefulness, embracing inclusion and diversity in kids’ learning. Thus, to fill this huge gap, Zoodle Kids was born.

Check out the Zoodle Kids online store to find thoughtful and fun resources that help families spend quality time together.

online toys store for kids
Zoodle Kids online store

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Advice: Prioritise your time and take help

Aarthi emphasises that mompreneurs need to prioritise their time, take support, and never feel guilty in doing so. Here’s what she says on managing the dual role of a mother and business owner:

“While I am the primary caregiver to my child, I have found support from my partner, family and friends in this journey. On an everyday basis, it is a give and take relationship between my role as a mother and my role as an entrepreneur. Planning in advance, taking help wherever possible have made this tightrope walk a bit easier!

Speaking of help, you will need it when you start your eCommerce journey. Instamojo helps you bring your business idea into reality with affordable online stores tailored to fit your needs. Aarthi vouches for this too!

“While Zoodle Kids as an idea was brewing in my mind for a while, I wanted to move very fast on the execution front. I was looking for an easy plug and play model to launch my own eCommerce presence, and Instamojo was the perfect solution. I was able to launch my website very quickly, without expensive investment.”

Grammar Ganga: Spoken English lessons for non-natives

Rajeswari has been an English teacher all her life and is passionate about it. She observed a challenge among students from rural background: English language skills is a barrier for them during interviews and reduces their confidence. Rajeswari was determined to help people overcome this challenge.

Rajeswari Raguraman – Founder of Grammar Ganga

So, she started creating videos about spoken English on YouTube and Instagram. With the help of her son, she was able to build an audience on Instagram who love her content and find it helpful.

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Grammar Ganga sells ebooks, courses, and other digital content on spoken English for beginners on the Instamojo online store at a small affordable fee. Now, the brand is helping millions learn English, as claimed by the founder.

online store for digital products
Grammar Ganga online store

To women who are looking to start their business journey here’s what Rajeswari advices:

“The prime goal for everyone to be a good entrepreneur is to START. Only when you start is when you can move. Just start and don’t think of anyone’s opinions along the way. Select a product, do the research and work until your goal is reached.”

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Your turn!

All four Mompreneurs talked about the difficulties in juggling two different roles. But they also testified to the fulfilment of working for their passions alongside their duties. Their stories are living proofs that being a mom doesn’t mean you are limited. In fact, it gives you more strength and resilience to fight for your dreams!

What do you think? Do any of these business success stories resonate with you? And if you’re still looking for ideas, this list of business ideas for women will help get the creative juices flowing.

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