4 Jolly Ways to Simplify Your Business This Christmas Season

5 Ways to Simplify Your Business in the Christmas Season
(Last Updated On: May 19, 2023)

Christmas time can be tricky for businesses. Even Santa Claus prepares for Christmas an entire year! Not all businesses can afford to hire elves, which is why Instamojo builds custom tools to help simplify various aspects of business and make life easier this Christmas season.

Here are some ways you can use Instamojo to get more done this Christmas Season:

1. Inventory Management:

If you are in the arts and crafts business or are selling cards and gifts for the holiday season, managing your inventory could get tricky. The usual demand and supply problems? Your Instamojo online store can help you keep a tab on your inventory without even having to check time and again.

Just add a limit to the stocks on your online store and the product automatically becomes unavailable after everything’s sold!

Christmas Season

Christmas business

2. Marketing Material:

Need to spread the word about your Christmas offers? Instamojo has a slew of features that can not just help you conduct marketing experiments but also help your products reach the right people.

Check out the new Mailchimp App on the Instamojo app store. What’s more? Your Instamojo online store link is a shareable URL that can be pasted practically anywhere on the internet.

Christmas Business

3. Shipping Business:

Need to get your products to your customers right on time? Rely on Instamojo’s eCommerce shipping partner to get it all done. With mojoXpress, you can not just get doorstep delivery but also have your packages picked up from your warehouse or doorstep and save on all the extra time to ship it yourself.

Set up mojoXpress with your Instamojo online store to get started.

Christmas business

4. Easy Payment Options:

Offering your customers the freedom to choose to pay by whatever mode they want this holiday season is the real gift. Instamojo offers all payment modes in a single payment link – NEFT, UPI, and even mobile wallets.


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