A/B testing your landing pages – The right way!

A/B testing the right way
(Last Updated On: June 28, 2023)

We often tend to assume what our audience wants. And more often than not, it turns out to be wrong. Isn’t it better if we could correct our biases by proving what the audience wants with data? This is why A/B testing becomes crucial for landing page conversions. 

Conducting an A/B test on your landing page will help you improve the elements of your landing age, leading to more clicks, more conversions and a reduced bounce rate. 

If you want your audience to genuinely buy from you – your landing page has to be the best version of itself. So how do you get the best version? 

Here is a simple guide to A/B testing your landing pages. 

What is A/B testing? 

A/B testing refers to comparing the results for identical pieces of content – but with one main variation. 

A landing page has multiple elements. The main elements that affect conversion rates are: 

  • Titles 
  • Theme/layout 
  • Content (The main offer) 
  • Images and videos 
  • CTA (its copy and position)  

We built a landing page to promote our Whitepaper eCommerce Trust Report in September of 2022. Here is how we A/B tested it! 

A/B testing

One set had different CTA buttons! 

A/B testing

Another set had different images! 

A/B testing


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So for you to know what the audience definitely liked and what wasn’t up to mark – you should ideally have multiple A/B tests. Each test will always have everything the same except one element that will be completely different. 

But why is A/B testing important? 

Building a landing page is easy. But building a landing page that actually converts is the real task. 

Here are the top reasons why A/B testing should be your highest priority: 

1. Gets you higher conversion rates

You built a landing page that looks perfect. But you still aren’t getting that many conversions.  So what is wrong? Is it the title? Is it the content? Are you reaching out to the wrong audience? 

Despite your target audience research, you don’t actually know what are the characteristics of the people who would buy from you. 

Since you cannot individually ask and survey everyone (even though surveys are a good option)  – a more data-centric approach would be to test different versions of your landing page to see if conversions go up. 

Whichever version has the highest conversion rate is what you should try and improve even further. 

As your landing page improves, more people will relate to your messaging and proposition better – pushing up your sales numbers even more! 

2. To get a true understanding of your audience 

As an entrepreneur, you will be prone to audience biases. You will “assume” what they like what they want and what will work. But, that is your projection on them. In reality, unless they actually interact with your website, you won’t actually know. 

For example, the founder of Leafy Affair used to think that her target audience was young working women who liked jewellery. Guess what? A large chunk of her sales is actually from boyfriends/husbands who want to give unique gifts to their partners. 

Leafy Affair

The only way to really know who your target will be is by testing. The results of A/B tests can tell you volumes about the personality of your target customer. A simple headline change is enough to tell you the kind of language and tone that your audience prefers. 

3. Gain more engagement 

Maybe the audience does not convert. But – they can still engage with your brand. They can visit your social media, visit your website to learn more details about your brand etc. Engagement is also the result of how well the landing page has been designed. 

A good landing page will have elements like enquiry forms, WhatsApp chat widgets, social media links, and testimonials. This will help build engagement that can show more conversions in the long run. With Instamojo Smart Pages you get these features and more! 

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Now that you know how important A/B testing your landing pages can be, let’s apply some techniques!

Best practices when conducting A/B tests on landing pages 

1. Define clear objectives

Clearly define the goals of your A/B test with Instamojo Smart Pages. It could be improving conversion rates, increasing average order value, reducing bounce rates, or enhancing user engagement. Having clear objectives will help guide your experiment.

2. Identify variables

Determine the specific elements within your Smart Pages that you want to test. This may include headlines, product descriptions, images, pricing, button colours, or layout variations. Focus on elements that directly impact your objectives. 

Image credit: Appexure
3. Establish a control group

Divide your audience into two or more groups: the control group, which experiences your existing Smart Page, and the experimental group(s), which will experience the variations you’re testing within the Smart Page.

4. Randomize and segment

Randomly assign users to the control and experimental groups to ensure unbiased results.

If you want to know more specifics about your audience, segment your audience according to demographics and interests. This means you need a buyer persona to start with!

5. Implement the test

Set up the A/B test with Instamojo Smart Pages. Build a professional landing page within minutes. Duplicate it and change a single element. once the different versions of your Smart Pages are ready, you can now start sharing them!

6. Run the test

Launch both landing pages by sharing them with the relevant audiences. Make sure you are running the test for a significant duration otherwise the results would be inconclusive.

7. Analyze the results

Analyze the performance of the control and experimental groups within Instamojo Smart Pages. See if there are significant differences in the metrics you’re measuring, such as conversion rates, bounce rates, or average order value.

Here’s how to integrate analytics with your Smart Page Pro account!

Consider both quantitative metrics and qualitative feedback from users.

8. Implement and iterate

Apply the findings from the A/B test by implementing the successful variations within your Instamojo Smart Pages. Continuously monitor the performance and keep tweaking the content and design to further optimize and refine it over time.

The Instamojo landing page builder helps you with professional landing pages that attract and convert leads – making you a more successful entrepreneur in no time!

Set up a call with our team to know what we have to offer! 

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