4 Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme Workshops for MSMEs

(Last Updated On: July 29, 2022)

Since 2020, the Government of India introduced new skill development programs for MSMEs to become self-sufficient, especially during a crisis.

And to date, these programs have been a huge success. For example – the Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme has introduced workshops, seminars, and schemes to boost MSME growth in India. This is an umbrella scheme under which many activities take place to empower upcoming entrepreneurs. 

According to a Financial Express report, the number of trainees entering the ESDP has grown nearly 5.5 times in just 18 months! 

The ESDP organizes unique training programs in multiple locations to promote social enterprises. As of June 7, 2021, it organized over 164 programs with 2,73,866 trainees. 

What is Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programme (ESDP)?

ESDP is an entrepreneurship scheme that aims to encourage youth from all sections of society to consider entrepreneurship as a career! It provides them assistance with aspects of industrial or commercial activity for setting up MSMEs. 

The ultimate objective is to promote new enterprises, capacity building of existing MSMEs, and inculcate entrepreneurial culture in the country.

Who benefits from the ESDP program?

The program benefits everyone interested in starting their own business. It is implemented through activities organized in technical institutions and business schools to lead them towards self-employment at an early age. 

Here are the 4 workshops and activities ESDP conducts repeatedly – 

ESDP workshops –

  1. Industrial Motivational Campaign (IMC)
  2. Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (EAP) 
  3. Entrepreneurship-cum-Skill Development Programme (E-SDP) 
  4. Management Development Programme (MDP)

1. Industrial Motivational Campaign (IMC)

This program helps to set up micro and small enterprises for traditional and non-traditional entrepreneurs. This 2-day program provides inputs on the identification of resources, product location, and steps for setting up an enterprise.

This is how the program structure typically looks like –

IMC 2-day program structure
Image source: finovista.com

2. Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (EAP)

This program pushes youngsters to adopt commercial/ industrial activities required for setting up MSEs. Also, EAPs give information on –

  • Products/projects
  • Selection and project profile preparation
  • Marketing avenues or techniques
  • Product or service pricing
  • Export opportunities
  • Infrastructure facilities

Duration of workshop – 2 weeks 

3. Entrepreneurship-cum-Skill Development Programme (E-SDP) 

This program aims to help upgrade prospective entrepreneurs’ current technical skills.  It includes a comprehensive curriculum of technical and skill development training activities.

The main objective behind this is to upskill technicians and to equip them with better technological skills of production. 

Duration of workshop – 6 weeks 

4. Management Development Programme (MDP)

If you run your own business, you need top management skills. Hence, this program offers training on management practice systems. Also, It enhances existing & potential entrepreneurs’ decision-making capabilities, resulting in higher productivity and profitability. 

Duration of course – 1 week 


  1. The MSME Development Institutes (DIs) & MSME Technology Centres (TCs) conducts the above-mentioned programs 
  2. The scheme focuses on youth, women entrepreneurs, differently-abled, and ex-servicemen and encourages them to become successful entrepreneurs
  3. Also, this short duration course’s curriculum is designed to be customized based on the needs of the industry
  4. 20% of the targeted training programs are conducted mainly for the underprivileged sections of the society 
  5. Over 40% of the targeted beneficiaries of EAPs and E-SDPs are women

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