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(Last Updated On: May 22, 2023)

Your customers do not have the time to keep calling you to ask questions about your product/service. Therefore, they will head to your website FAQ section to know more about you. In this blog, we will discuss the top eCommerce FAQs that both you and your customers need to be informed about. 

Trust is an important aspect of eCommerce stores. eCommerce FAQs should be easy to access, with easy-to-understand content and language. 

What is an FAQ page?

An FAQ (Frequently-asked-questions) page is designed by the company to help customers understand their brand better without having to search the internet. Once customers see your landing page (where the FAQ section will be) they will scroll to read the most commonly asked questions about your product. 

Let’s understand this better with our own example – 

At Instamojo, we do not just have one FAQ page, just like how we do not have only one product. Over the years, our customer support team have compiled all the popular and most frequent customer queries and concerns – and bundled it all into FAQs 

Here is an example of an FAQ page from an eCommerce website. 

ecommerce faq page example

Benefits of having an eCommerce FAQ page

Many small business owners do not even bother with an FAQ page. It is almost an afterthought. However, we have a few reasons listed below that will help you understand why an eCommerce FAQ page is important. 

For starters, it does not just benefit your customers. It also benefits you. 

1. Better user experience for customers 

According to you, what do customers face a popular concern with? Faqs help customers feel like they are heard, without even having to say anything. A simple question on your landing page like ‘What does Instamojo offer?’ can help customers navigate your landing page with more certainty. 

2. Increase conversions to your website 

A lot like abandoned carts, customers who are not too sure about the product, will leave your landing page without taking any kind of action. The ideal way to increase conversions to your landing page is an eCommerce FAQ section. 

3. Save your customer support team’s time 

Customer support executives are bombed with 1000 queries on a daily basis, most of which circle around generic questions on 

  • What you sell 
  • How to get a refund 
  • How shipping for the product works 
  • Discount related queries 

A lot of these can be added to the FAQ section of your product landing page. It saves the time and effort needed to respond to an agitated customer. 

4. Boost your website SEO ranking 

Did you know that your FAQ page can rank on Google? For example – when someone searches for ‘How to buy xyz t-shirt online’ – your FAQ on the landing page appears on the ‘People’Also’Ask’ section. Also, it benefits those who use voice assistants like Alexa and Siri to gather information about your business when someone asks them a question. 

Top eCommerce FAQ examples for small businesses to know 

Before we discuss what goes into an FAQ page, let us see the top eCommerce FAQs that small businesses need to know – and add to their landing pages. 

The different sections that require FAQs are 

1. About us section 

Under this main page of your website, answer the most commonly asked questions about your brand 

  • What does your eCommerce store sell? 
  • Where is your offline business set up? 
  • Who are the founders of the business?
  • How can the business help me?  

2. Refunds 

  • How long does it take to process the refund? 
  • Will I get a receipt of my refund amount? 
  • Under what circumstances can a refund be initiated? 
  • What is the store return policy? 

3. Shipping 

  • How many days does it take to ship a product? 
  • How does eCommerce shipping work? 
  • What is the store shipping policy? 
  • How many pin codes do you deliver to? 
  • What are the shipping fees? 
  • How do I track my order? 
  • Do you ship packages internationally? 

4. Pricing 

  • What is the transaction fee for merchants?
  • What are the convenience fee charges for the store?
  • Fees applicable to each pricing plan
  • What is the difference between this store and Amazon or Flipkart?

5. Payments 

  • How long does it take for the seller to receive payouts?
  • Are your payment modes secure?
  • Do you accept international payments?
  • How to detect scams or fraud with payments?
Let us help you answer these FAQs.

Here are the most important eCommerce FAQs

#1 – How to create my online store? 

Answer – Sign up on our website to view different pricing plans. Choose whether you want to opt for a free online store or use the website for payments only. Set up your online store using our guided tour – add theme, social media links, and add your first product. Once you do, explore features on the dashboard that will help manage your store better. Later, you can subscribe to one of our premium plans and pay an annual/monthly fee. Check our online store pricing plans here.

#2 – How to improve SEO to eCommerce website?

Use relevant keywords to improve SEO to your eCommerce store. Infuse targeted keywords in your content at all times. You can also click on ‘SEO > Campaigns > google webmaster’ and start exploring. Check out our helpful guide for how to use SEO to increase traffic to your online store.

#3 – How much will it cost to start an online store? 

Zero rupees! You can set up an online store free of cost and only pay transaction fees every time someone purchases from your store. The premium online store offers 2 unique plans which you can check on Instamojo.

#4 – What can I sell on this eCommerce platform? 

Anything legal. You can sell 4 types of products – digital products, event tickets, physical products, and those that do not fall under these categories. You can sell clothes, home & garden accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, eBooks, courses, cleaning services, workshops, and more.

#5 – What is the ideal return policy for your eCommerce store? 

If the merchant requires a refund to be processed, you need to request a refund from the dashboard. If your seller requests a refund, it needs to be done within 180 days of purchasing the product. It is the merchant’s discretion to replace an item or issue a refund. Seller will get the refund within 24 hours of requesting the refund.

How to Create the Perfect FAQ Page For Your Online Store

Here are a few tips to keep your FAQ page easy to read and accessible by all your customers and website visitors. 

1. Use a Live chatbot if needed 

Storehippo, Instamojo, and Profitbooks are examples of some companies that use a live chatbot to help you access FAQs easily. If you wish to set up a chatbot on your website, check out this detailed guide. Here’s an example of ProftiBook’s LIVE chat feature on their homepage

Live chat - eCommerce FAQs

Get LIVE chat on Instamojo

Did you know you could set a LIVE chat feature on your Instamojo online store? This feature is enabled simply to give your customers the option to quickly find what they’re looking for. High touch and response time play a big role in converting leads into customers. All you need to do is set up your online store on Instamojo.

Instamojo online store live chat

2. How to create FAQs for each product category 

Create a ‘Help centre’ landing page for customers to access all information from one page, but also, if you sell different services as Instamojo does – keep FAQs for each category. Your customers may not be completely aware of each product/service you are selling. Our suggestion – give them a central database and allow them to choose how they want help.

For example – The Instamojo support page offers help in different areas of concern for our customers. Each section is added in an organized manner and offers a visual representation of the process that the customer needs to do.

eCommerce FAQs
The Instamojo FAQ landing page

Read – How to add a landing page to your website

3. Add links where needed 

Add links to blogs, video tutorials, and more for every eCommerce FAQ you publish on the landing page. This helps customers get more in-depth information about the particular area of query.

To create an eCommerce FAQ landing page, you need to have a website/online store. Set up an online store easily, and allow us to help you upgrade to a premium store when you are ready.

Set up your online business here


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