5 Free business name generator tools for your startup idea

Business name generator
(Last Updated On: January 5, 2023)

So you have a great startup/ business idea but can’t figure out what to call it? While your business name is important, you don’t really have to rack your brains to squeeze out ideas. The internet is a great place to start. There are several “business name generator” tools but here are the top 5 that could help you nail your brand name.

Why your business name is important

If you’re wondering why you should be caring about what your business or brand name is, you must have missed our guide on getting your brand name right.

“Would it make sense if Old Monk sold baby lotion? Or Katrina Kaif was called Salman Khan? We’re all brands in business and having the right brand name to justify what you sell is equally important.”

Here are some major reasons why your business name is important:

  • Documents relating to law and finances will include your company name.
  • Your company name will appear on all of your promotional materials and products.
  • Your company name will stick in the minds of your clients.
  • A distinctive company name will set it apart from rivals.

Want to turn your small business into a brand? You may like these few tips and techniques to help your brand strategy. Without further ado, let’s jump into the 5 best business name generators we could find for you.

5 best free business name generator tools online

Free business name generator tools are a blessing! Especially if you have no idea where to start. Usually, the best brand names are ones that have these key elements:

  • Connects to the product.
  • Easy to pronounce.
  • Unique.
  • Easy to remember.

You need to be aware of various techniques that will help you perfect the naming process and generate brilliant ideas if you want to come up with a unique business name idea.

Some experts say the best brand names have two syllables. For example – Goo-gle; Face-book; Ni-ke; etc. To help you find the best business name, we’ve put together a list of free, tech-driven, free business name generator tools.


This AI-driven business name generator is a great tool to get you started. Just enter the keyword that you think is most relevant to your business and voila! It doesn’t just generate names for you, it also helps visualize it into a logo. We tried a simple example. We typed in “Greeting Cards” and here are some results we got:


It doesn’t just look for generic words but also looks up synonyms and words of the nearest meaning to help you zero in on the perfect brand name. What’s more? You can even customize it to look the way you want and download it for later use. The downloads cost you about $25 but the business name idea is still yours to use!


There is a first time for everything but this link will help you even if you are using the site for a 100th time as well. The tool not only generates the names but also makes you find the segregated category for various businesses

Business Name Generator

This is as straightforward as it can get. Enter keywords, generate name ideas. What’s the best part? They have industry-specific name generators and also offer a domain-buying option.

Business Name Generator

Although we recommend getting the hosting done via a more local/Indian service provider, which becomes cheaper for your business.


Hootsuite is a trusted site for any businesses which focuses on social media marketing. One of the most widely utilised social media management and analysis tools for marketers today is Hootsuite. The tool demonstrates the kind of material that is most effective for your strategy. In addition, it aids in enhancing and expanding the reach of your postings via adverts.


This analytics tool is ideal for you if Facebook is the main social media platform you use. You may get data for up to three Facebook pages with Quintly, which also assists you in tracking analytics for your Facebook page.

Quintly measures the effectiveness of your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social media pages and profiles. As you choose which accounts to keep an eye on, data is illustrated through maps, graphs, and charts.

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