How this Accessories Brand is Growing their Online Business through Instagram

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(Last Updated On: March 11, 2022)

From a fashion designer to building a small business, Ditiksha, founder of The Sage Store has a story to tell about how her online accessories store started during the pandemic.

In today’s spotlight story, we bring you the story of an online accessories store and how it’s growing through Instagram.

What inspired you to take up this business idea?

As a fashion designer, I’ve always wanted to take up something creative. Making clay accessories needs a lot of creative energy, so it was the perfect idea for me. Being a fashion designer, I was also confident about my skills as a designer. That’s what inspired me to eventually create The Sage Store.

How is your product unique from other accessories?

My products are made from polymer clay which is a natural substance. Unlike other common accessories which are made of mostly plastic, our products are natural and aesthetic as well. I source the material online. I also sometimes get raw materials from Amazon.

I design everything by myself. The products are customisable.

How was your experience using Instamojo?

Setting up Instamojo store was easy and it made my business more professional.

I came to know about Instamojo through a friend who had used the platform previously. I used Instamojo to create my website where I upload all my products and collect payments. I found it very easy to use and efficient. I don’t have to worry about payments and all because it’s secure.

How do you grow your business on social media?

Progress in sales has been low, but I did not give up. To boost things up, I am now conducting a 10-day sale on my Instagram account. This has been successful to some extent. The goal is to bring more money into the business so that I can create more new products.

I also create reels consistently, and it has been showing results. In the future, I also plan to start influencer marketing.

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What are your future plans for your business?

I’m planning to introduce innovative products. I will offer more custom accessories and create more resin works. I also hope to increase my reach on social media and bring in more customers who are interested in resin and clay works.

What advice will you give to someone who has just started out in the handmade jewellery business?

I would say keep being creative. Don’t let others perceptions discourage you. You will eventually get better at what you do. A small business isn’t something that will grow overnight. You have to be patient enough and work towards it. You will get confident in your skills. More people will buy from you.

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