How to make your first sale on your online store [proven tactics + examples]

how to make your first sale online store
(Last Updated On: May 30, 2022)

You have set up your eCommerce website, added products, and got it running. Now what?

Getting your first customer and making a sale on your online store is the most thrilling moment as an entrepreneur. And to get there, you will find many methods, tools, and strategies. But it can get overwhelming at the beginning.

There are 24 million eCommerce websites in India. To stand out, you need to get yourself out there. So, you should start by applying different marketing strategies and bring in your first customer. In this blog, we will discuss some proven tactics to drive traffic and get the first sale on your online store.

Before we begin

If you are new to the digital space, some marketing concepts may seem overwhelming and complicated. But, you will find it easier as you go along once you take the first step. You could always hire a marketer to help you out with sales. But, as an entrepreneur, it’s always good to know the concepts.

Also keep in mind that every business is different. So what might work for others, may not work for you. Once you begin executing a method, keep track of its effect using analytical tools or other metrics.

How to drive traffic to your online store and make the first sale

We have compiled some of the most widely used eCommerce tactics and resources to aid your marketing efforts. They are all beginner-friendly and will help you in getting aquatinted with the digital market.

Targeting and enticing

The biggest hurdle is to get your target audience to find interest in your brand and products. They need to reach your online store to get to know the products. So, you need to make some offers and get them onboard.

Discount code:

People get convinced quickly into buying if they see a price cut. You could either promote your products on sale or offer a discount coupon customers can use in checkout.

discount coupon for more sales

For example, Noorali online store offers a 10% off code in exchange for an email address. This will also hep build an email list for other marketing initiatives.

Email marketing:

Speaking of email lists, if you can get someone to sign up for more information, you can use that to send out newsletters, give shop updates and exclusives, and more. Email marketing is very underrated and is applicable for most online businesses.

Paid ads:

If you have the budget, consider doing paid marketing through Google or Facebook. This will help in getting your name out there and spread brand awareness.

Driving traffic

There are many free ways to get traffic to your store, and they are available at your finger tips. This is a great way to start and easy to implement.

Personal networks

Never hesitate to spread the word of your new online store to your network. You might get your first sale from here. So announce your new online business on your personal Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts.

You can use these initial sales to get some genuine feedback of your store and make improvements.

Online communities

Find out groups and forums where your target audience hangs out frequently and become an active member. Focus on building connections rather than just posting links to your store. Find communities on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Reddit related to your niche. You can also find communities with other entrepreneurs.

Joining such groups can help you understand more about your customers’ interests and tail your marketing initiatives accordingly. Even if you don’t get your first sale for your online store, these details will be valuable.

Always keep in mind that you should never post links without providing value.

Social media

It might be an obvious advice to utilise social media for marketing your business. But, you need to wisely choose your ways with different platforms.


Instagram has become the staple of many businesses. You can use shoppable tags, post-style sponsored images, and a link in your profile page straight to your website. Marketing your business on Instagram involves a combination of aesthetic and providing value.


An image centric platform, Pinterest has the advantage of being low maintenance. It’s especially great if you have products that can be photographs aesthetically. Create high-quality and beautiful images of your product or a useful and fun infographic on how your product can benefit your audience.


Never miss out on Facebook for your online store. You can set up your shop in the Facebook Marketplace. You can find communities and make connections to spread the word of your online store. Selling on Facebook is relatively easy and effective.

To conclude

Finding your first customer may be a hard task. But, once you get everything ready, it will be easier. Remember that you need to get yourself out there to get sales.

Instamojo eCommerce platform has many features to make marketing easier for you. From discount features to SEO, you will find everything your store needs. So, if you are looking to start an online store, sign for free on Instamojo and get started on your journey.

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