4 Product listing blunders nobody told you about

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2023)

Are you an online business looking to improve sales? Your product listing descriptions can make or break your sales.

A good product description can have awesome results like:

  • Get your customers to make impulse purchases
  • Rank higher on search results so that more customers click on it

However there are some mistakes that people tend to make when listing their products on their eCommerce websites.

Here are some common blunders you can avoid to improve your sales.

Excessive use of jargon

Using phrases like “world-class”, “unique” and “innovative” is a big NO.

Just because everyone is using a particular phrase, doesn’t mean you should too.

Adding to the word count has little or no impact on a customer. Use words effectively to define your product and improve sales.

Manage the few minutes you get from your customers efficiently.

Using or abusing adjectives in a product listing

Adjectives help answer questions regarding the appearance, touch and feel, benefits and value-add of your product. But, there is a fine line between using or abusing adjectives in a product description.

Too much can often make customers move away, as it also provides a notion of “too good to be true.”

Be honest and ensure the right amount of adjectives and words are used to describe the product you are selling.

No personality

Having a bland description which lacks personality is a major kill.

Add a sense of personality for your customers to help build a connection and personal affiliation with. More engagements directly result in a marked improvement in sales, thereby helping your business grow.

Adding a personality helps in brand recognition and brand recall, which is the secret used by most successful businesses.

Edit. Re-edit. Repeat

A good product description requires a clear action plan. The thumb rule to good writing is to plan, jot down the key points you want to feature in your description and edit it multiple times.

An easy way to judge the readability of your content is to read out your description aloud. Chances are, if you don’t like what you are hearing, your customers won’t either.

Make sure your description adds emphasis on the major pain points you are solving through your product.

Humans are wired to understand through stories, context, and continuity of thought while reading something. Weave short stories or bullets which entail pain points and the benefits of using your product in the description.

Ideal formulas to use in your product listing

Here are some best practices for crafting product pages:

Product Title

Ensure the product title is less than 200 characters. Try adding details such as the quantity, brand, key features, colour, size, and other such related details.

Adding keyword-rich titles will help you rank higher in eCommerce searches, ensuring a larger customer traction to your product listing.

An ideal optimization tip is to add the Brand + Model No. + Model Name + Product Type + Colour + Other information which can help customers gain instant insight into your product.

Product Features

Ensure the feature listings don’t go over 500 characters. Use bullet points to help describe the top 5 key features of your product.

Additionally, make sure you add details such as measurements, quantity and other such details to help your customers understand your product better.

You can either use bullet points or separate features with commas or semi-colons. The correct usage of grammar and avoiding unnecessary information about the company or shipping may help customers stay engaged.

Product description

Ensure the product description is less than 2000 characters. A product description is an ideal opportunity for branding.

Make sure the product description is engaging and has a brand personality. Make sure you maintain the tonality throughout all product descriptions to maintain a sense of continuity.

Avoid information pertaining to your company, shipping, and other irrelevant information.

Include other helpful information like:

  • Guides on using the product carefully
  • Size chart
  • Return policies
  • Customisation options

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