mojoStores July: 5 plant & gardening stores sowing seeds in our hearts

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(Last Updated On: August 1, 2022)

Another month, another list of our favourites! We have chosen our top 5 Instamojo online stores for July and they all have one thing in common – 🌱

Sell plants online 

We didn’t want to let summer go by without talking about fresh roots and leaves. We have selected tour favourite stores this month that are making a business out of selling plants online.

And it isn’t easy, it requires patience, manual labour, knowing specific techniques, and most importantly – the will to nurture.

Before we talk about these stores, here’s a quick guide on how to sell plants online.

mojoStore #1 – Go Garden by Hemant Mishra 

When we think of plants and gardens, we usually imagine lots of soil and mud. There’s another technique that helps you grow plants without it needing a lot of soil. This technique – hydroponics – relies on helping plants get nutrients straight from the water around the roots, instead of from the soil leading to beautiful healthy plants that you can grow all year long!


Check out the online store Go garden by Hemant Mishra and try their hydroponic concoctions for different kinds of plants. This online store on Instamojo sells hydroponic nutrients for specific plants.

mojoStore #2 – The Nursery world 

This beautifully themed Instamojo online store is for all the plantaholics out there! Spanning across 15+ categories, this store has everything a plant lover may need. Indoor plants, office plants, gardening tools, and air purifying plants are just to name a few.

mojostores July

Started in a small town in Odisha, this online store is now catering to the needs of customers across India. They have partnered with multiple nurseries to help you get plants of almost any variety. Join their vision to see this world greener and go check out The Nursery World.

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mojoStore #3 – PKR greens and consulting 

PKR greens and consulting is a start-up that provides help to people who want to learn specific techniques for organic farming, terrace gardening etc. It also aims to bring together micro-entrepreneurs from around the country by selling their products on its platform.

Pari greens and gardening

In fact, you can also forget about ever worrying about what to give as return favours during a celebration. They can help you distribute beautifully packaged plant seeds/accessories that don’t just make for thoughtful gifts but overall helps inculcate a culture of plants and gardening.

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mojoStore #4 – Paari Greens and Gardens 

With an offline and online presence, Paari Greens and gardens is a wholesale plant nursery in Cuddalore. They sell a wide variety of plants to spruce up any space. They use their Instamojo online store to showcase their products and also use informative product descriptions to tell you more about the specific plant.

Instamojo online store

Their social media also has informative content surrounding plants, nature, and the sad plight of our climate.

mojoStore #5 – The Plants Cart 

Another great online store on Instamojo for plants and gardening purposes, The Plants Cart also sells plant holders (cart for the plants, get it?). These are in different shapes and sizes and can look quite artistic when placed in your garden. Who said plants need to look boring?

plants cart

Their collection of hanging pots also acts as simple but beautiful home decor accessories. Choose from more than 30 categories of plants and plant accessories to bring more greenery to your home, or just give them as gifts to your loved ones.

Itching to see if your green fingers can also work magic? Create a free online store on Instamojo.

Sell plants online on Instamojo


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