10 powerful marketing tools & features you can find on the Instamojo dashboard

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2023)

Choosing what to sell online is the easy part. Understanding HOW to sell is everything that comes after.

You might not have signed up for this when you decided to be an entrepreneur. With Instamojo, make selling easier. Why connect to a hundred different apps for your marketing needs? You just need – The Instamojo dashboard.

Here are the 10 most popular and powerful marketing tools that you get at your disposal when you have your own Instamojo account. Let’s look at what they are

Integrate with social media platforms

With social commerce as the bedrock of eCommerce, you cannot think of surviving without a robust presence on social media. For that Instamojo allows you to easily integrate your store with your social media. 

You can place social icons on your storefront to give people easy access to stay connected to you. What can be better for brand recall? 

Subscribe to Facebook For Instamojo

Run ads and update your product catalogue on Facebook with the click of a button. Read more about Facebook for Instamojo integration here. 

Track and improve performance with integrated analytics 

How do you know what products are working and what aren’t? Analytics are important to understand the overall growth trajectory and performance of your business.

It also helps you identify weaknesses and the areas that need improvement. The Instamojo online store comes integrated with analytics that show you important data on: 

  • Growth in sales
  • Growth in products
  • Increase in customers
  • Sales by product
  • Store visits 
  • Store revenue 
  • Smart page insights

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Retargetting marketing campaigns

A mere 1.84%-2.75% of your online visitors come to your store and ACTUALLY buy something. On Instamojo, you have visibility over your online visitors, or had things added to their cart but did not complete the purchase.

Create email campaigns and retarget these prospects with special offers and discounts. This also helps you lower your cart abandonment rates and increase your conversion rates. 


abandoned cart on instamojo dashboard

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Enable automated WhatsApp & email notifications

Turn your customers into repeat customers by giving them a seamless shopping experience.

On the Instamojo dashboard, you can enable customer workflows that automate communication with your customers via email and WhatsApp. Push notifications for transactions or reminders help keep the customer informed. 

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Offer Discounts

Discounts are a great way to attract first-time buyers, and also retarget consumers. Apply discounts to specific products, or set store-wide sales. You have full control over the amount that you want to offer as a discount, it can be a percentage off or a flat of. 

Discount coupon Instamojo

Offering discounts has multiple benefits: 

  • Strengthen customer retention 
  • Expand customers during the festive season 
  • Clear out old stock from your inventory 

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Optimise your store’s organic growth with SEO & Google Shopping 

Use basic SEO features like meta title, and meta tags to ensure your online store is showing up on Google more. Using relevant keywords that your consumers are using gives you a higher chance of discovery. 

Advanced SEO features on Instamojo help you integrate your store with Google Webmaster. This improves your store ranking on google and allows you to track your performance on the search engine.

You can now also integrate with Google Shopping to display your products on the Google Shopping bar.  Here’s a short video that explains it more. 


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Subscribe to different tools in the app store to boost sales

We have over 40+ brands whose tools and services are pre-built into Instamojo. Just subscribe to the apps of your choice and use them to improve your online store’s performance.  

The app also has divided sections to help you navigate better. Need eCommerce shipping, marketing, legal or productivity tools? Check out the app store section. 

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App store Instamojo

Get your own domain & mailbox

For more people to trust you and buy from you, they have to first see you as a professional seller. For that, you need your own domain

Instamojo offers custom domains at 70% cheaper rates than market prices. 

You can also get your own professional mailbox that gives you that unique edge of having your identity.

Custom domain Instamojo

Reseller Program

Participate in the Reseller Program of Instamojo and see your brand get exposed to newer audiences. Every time your product is sold by a reseller you get a commission. Accelerate your passive earnings in the process. 

Reseller network Instamojo

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