Milestone Alert: A 100 Mojoites

Milestone Alert: Hitting Home with a 100 Mojoites (PHOTOS)
(Last Updated On: November 24, 2020)

We’ve hit 100.

Yes. We, at Instamojo, are 100 employees strong.

This is no small feat. We started off like any small company on the premises of a factory in Mumbai about five and half years ago. Today, we are outgrowing two floors in the heart of Koramangala, Bangalore! We couldn’t even get a picture of all the 100 of us together in one frame!


This day marks a momentous milestone for us.

Today, each of our teams has grown at least 2 times and we’ve opened up some new positions at Instamojo as well.

Every team is fuelled by a purpose to serve you better. This growth is in alignment with our goals for the year. With Value Added Services coming in and new product changes in store, we’ve managed to get the best of people to help build an experience that makes entrepreneurship a delight.

We call ourselves Mojoites.

Somebody suggested it was difficult to pronounce. “Mojoites is forced. A hard switch while changing the pronunciation from an “o” to an “aai”,” they said. But isn’t change a difficult switch?

As more small businesses around the country try to switch to mode online, we Mojoites are trying to make the transition smoother in our own little ways. Team Instamojo packages complexity into simple, usable products to help budding entrepreneurs in the country live their dream.

We also believe in working hard and celebrating harder!

So, how did we celebrate our 100 employees?

Red Velvet Cupcakes, to start with.

Here’s a sneak-peek into our pretty office!


We kicked off with Sampad, our CEO, giving us a 3-minute pep talk that got us pumped for what we’re headed towards.


At 100, it is a little difficult to remember all the names, so the teams decided to take turns and introduce their fellow mates and what they plan on doing for the year.

Did it help with the names? Nope!


There was a round of Rewards and Recognition for the team.


The best part about working at Instamojo is, we are always learning new things. Not just professionally, but also personally. Akash, our COO, and co-founder stepped up to remind us of the importance of empathy for each other.


Our CTO, Aditya, ended the rounds of speeches with a note of gratitude to every employee not before taking us down the memory lane!


There were games, food, and dancing! A LOT of DANCING!


While we did have a lot of fun, we are all geared up for a big year in terms of doing more and delivering quality. The best part is, we are still growing. We continue to grow in terms of people, profession, and culture.

That is one thing that will never cease to exist at Instamojo.

Cheers to this 100. Here’s to the next 100!

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