From Hobby to Business: Happycubes’ Journey to an Online Crafts Supplies Brand

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(Last Updated On: November 18, 2021)

Jayashree who hails from Chennai, turned her hobby of craft making into an online business — Happycubes. It began as a craft business, selling handmade personalised gift items. Eventually, Happycubes became a craft supplies brand, selling paperpacks and gift papers to craft lovers across India. For three years, Jayshree and her friend Venkatesh have been running this online business.

“It all started with a single post on Instagram of an explosion box I made for my brother. Soon, people were asking me to make it for them. That’s how I began accepting commission orders for personalised gifts.”

We got in touch with this young entrepreneur to know more about their craft supply and stationery brand and how they’re growing their business online.

From hobbyist to online business owner

Since childhood, Jayashree loved drawing and doing crafts. She stared her Instagram page out of hobby as well — to post her artworks. One fine day, one of her followers asked if she could do a craft for them. That’s when everything changes.

Happycubes was born out of Jayashree’s love for art and crafts. With her good friend to support her, she started doing commissioned works — 8 or 9 orders per month through Instagram. Despite having a full-time job at an IT company, Jayshree is passionate about running Happycubes and finds time in the weekends to run the business.

Selling stationery and craft supplies online: Starting an online store with Instamojo

Gradually, Happycubes transformed into a crafts supplies business. Jayashree noticed that her audience on Instagram loved her paper designs which she made for herself.

This inspired her to develop her skill of illustration by learning from online sources and started designing her own line of craft supplies products. She also designed and printed stationery items such as stickers and notepads. So, their target audience are now other paper crafters.

selling craft supplies online
Happycubes – online store on Instamojo

To sell their products online, Happycubes started a free store on Instamojo eCommerce platform. This took their business to a whole new level.

“Before discovering this platform, we were struggling to collect orders via Instagram. The online store has made it much easier for us to collect and ship orders. I have even recommended Instamojo to a bunch of people I know who is starting out with their business.”

– Jayashree, founder, Happycubes

Happycubes displays all their craft supplies and stationery products on their online store. Their customers from Instagram can easily make a purchase through it. Check out their store here.

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Spreading cheer with their products

On being asked how their products are different from other crafts supplies brands, Jayashree replied that her products reflect herself as a person — happy and cheerful.

“I love bright and happy themes, and I believe I’m also that kind of a person. Our customers have also mentioned that they felt such a vibe from our products. That’s what Happycubes stands for — spreading joy spreading cheerfulness with our craft products.”

Happycubes is more than just a side hustle for its founders. It’s been a journey of self-discovery. By creating their own range of craft supplies and selling them online, Jayashree is happy that her art skills are recognised by people across the country.

Their products go out of stock quickly, bringing out the fact that people actually love what they are creating. Also, Happycubes connected them to community of people who share similar interests and genuinely support them in what they do.

wrapping paper from Happycubes

Jayashree has big plans for her small business. In the future, she plans on creating and selling more stationery and crafts supplies and grow Happycubes into a full-time business. They also plan to upgrade their online store into a full-fledged eCommerce website with more features. If you haven’t already, check out Happycubes store here.

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