5 Unique ways to grow your agency business & get more clients

5 Unique Ways to Grow Your Agency Business & Get More Clients
(Last Updated On: January 29, 2023)

Do you run an agency business? If you are a website or app developer, logo designer or marketer, this is the best time to be in the services industry. You may be using Linkedin or traditional lead gen methods to get more clients. But if you’re looking for ways to grow your agency business, we have some effective tips that can help you.

According to a report by the International Data Corporation (IDC), the value of the services industry in India now stands at $6.9 billion.

The services industry clocked in a 6.4% growth in just the first half of  2021! What’s more? The IT services market contributed to 78% of the growth.

IT Services

These numbers show how Indian businesses are committed to their digital transformation. Let’s not forget the number of DTC brands emerging in the country today. At Instamojo, we see over 2000+ independent businesses sign up to create their own eCommerce website daily!

There is huge, untapped potential for agency businesses in this sector. If you want to tap into this ocean of opportunities; here are some tips that can help you land clients easily and grow your agency business. These tips have been carefully curated from the internet ( tips from agencies and service business experts) so you can apply them confidently to yours.

5 unique ways to grow your agency business in 2021 and beyond

If you’re still following traditional methods of networking and finding clients, it’s time for an upgrade. This list will come in handy if you have been searching for one of the following questions:

  • How can I grow my agency business
  • What agency businesses do to get more clients
  • How do I market my agency business

Get started with these unique ideas to go all guns blazing & get more clients for your agency business.

1. Collaborate – even if it’s with a competitor

One would say that’s counter-intuitive to business but hold that thought – at any given time, you and your competitors are all serving the same market. The outcome of landing a project and making money can be higher if you can build a collaborative business model with complementary businesses or even competitors.

If you partner with an agency business that’s bigger in scale and reputation than yours, you can land projects via their referrals and vice versa.

Let’s say you collaborate with an agency like Social Beat that possesses a large clientele spanning various industries to whom they provide sector-specific digital marketing services. Partnering with an agency business, specifically ones that are bigger in scale allow you to experience working with bigger clients and better understand the market. You can even land projects via their referrals and vice versa. So it’s a win-win situation!

2. Diversify your agency business portfolio & show it off

Use the power of research to figure out what complementary services you can provide to your customers. If someone’s coming to you with a website development project it’d be great if you threw in a logo-making service, a content and SEO service, and some maintenance aspects that can sweeten the deal for your client.

Don’t forget to invest in showing off your portfolio. Talk about it, promote it on social media, shout about it from your rooftop! Build your agency’s brand and treat it like a personal brand. Not just a business.


3. Build a hacky tool to get qualified leads!

This one’s not new but it works like a charm! If you want qualified leads for your agency business just build out a FREE tool that could give just about information to your clients and collect data on the tool.

For example, check out Neil Patel’s SEO app Ubersuggest – a free tool that analyses a website’s traffic once the URL is entered. Another good example is Hubspot’s free sales email template generator.

Hubspot sales email tool

Tools like these are worth spending your effort on because even those visitors that come to check out that tool can be one of your biggest clients. Once they’ve entered your funnel, you can cold call, email pitch, or retarget them via advertisements to convert them.

4. Invest in SEO – Search engine optimisation

Everyone is google stuff today. You probably landed on this blog through a search on Google too. This is exactly why understanding and investing in SEO is super important in today’s era. SEO does not just impact your business but also pays off in the long run. It shapes your agency business’ perception, ties your communication, company vision, and mission together and puts it in front of people that you want to attract for your agency business.

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5. Join and participate actively in agency business networks & communities 

Don’t underestimate the power of community! There are several Facebook, Whatsapp, and slack communities that you can join to network and learn from like-minded agency businesses.

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