3 SEO trends D2C brands should be following in 2022

SEO trends 2022
(Last Updated On: January 12, 2023)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an untapped superpower for D2C brands. As the D2C eCommerce landscape grows in India, D2C brands will have to fight harder to become visible to new consumers. This is why we are laying out 3 SEO trends that D2C brands can use to become more discoverable in 2022.

Is SEO that important for D2C brands? 

Believe me, yes it is. D2C brands have been differentiating themselves from marketplaces as they connect directly to the consumer. But how do you connect to the consumer if, they cannot see you?

To ensure that your brand is getting discovered, you must ensure your website has been SEO optimized. Websites that are SEO optimized have a better chance of showing up when people enter relevant search queries in Google or any other search engine.

For a D2CC brand, ranking zero on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) should be a priority. The higher you rank on SERP, the higher are the chances of a customer discovering you and clicking on your website.

Appearing on the first page is great. On the second page? You are as good as invisible.

A defining D2C eCommerce trend for this year is that D2C brands are actively optimizing their content for SEO to get more customers.

DTC eCommerce trends 2022

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If Google cannot recognize the value your website holds, it would not suggest your website to people who are looking for products/services that you sell!

Higher rankings = increased traffic. 

So, how do you get Google to give you more value? Make it believe your website and its content is important, relevant and authentic. And to help you, here are 3 SEO trends for DTC brands that you can use to rank on the first page.

3 SEO trends for D2C eCommerce brands in 2022 

1. Page experience will be an important ranking factor  

Page experience will have increasing importance as an SEO trend for D2C eCommerce brands. Google recently rolled out its page experience algorithm. Simply put, Google will evaluate a user’s experience with your eCommerce website. It will check your website on multiple parameters like:

  • The loading speed of your webpage
  • Design of the page
  • Degree of responsiveness
  • Quality of images and videos being used
  • HTTPS security

Here are a few steps that you can take to optimize your page experience:

  1. Constantly evaluate your webpage’s Core Web Vitals (You can check it yourself on Google search console 
  2. Ensure your webpage design is mobile-user friendly
  3. Minimize redirects
  4. Optimize your images and videos so that they are high quality and also load faster
Core web vitals SEO trends 2022
Source: Backlingo

2.  D2C eCommerce brands will leverage long-tail keywords 

As a D2C brand, you have the advantage of knowing what your customers need.

Try including content on your website that can be the most relevant to your audience. Identity keywords that you know your target customer would search for.

Once you are confident about the keywords, you can optimize your content to include those keywords so that they show up higher when searched for.

If you want to rank zero on SERP in 2022, try targetting long-tail keywords. These are keywords that are more than 3-5 words. There is a lesser chance of people searching for this exact set of words since they are more specific. But if you can nail this  then you raise your chances of showing up on the first page considerably.

Here are some great SEO tools that can help you narrow down your search: 

3. Zero-click search results will become the holy grail 

A new update rolled out by Google forms an important part of SEO trends for D2C eCommerce brands in 2022.  Google now directly pulls paragraphs or specific products from a website to show on the search result page.

The search results display this selected text at the top of the page. Google chooses the content based on how well it matches the search query entered. The idea is that the customer did not have to look or click on any other website to get answers.

In 2022, zero-click searches will be one of the most formidable SEO trends for D2C eCommerce brands.

Some formats of zero-click search results are:

  1. Featured snippets – Small paragraphs or facts are pulled from your website
  2. Lists – Subheadings of relevant listicles are displayed
  3. Table- Multiple results like events, movies or news articles show up in this format
  4. Video – Google can pull a relevant video directly from the website and also show you the exact part of the video that the consumer needs
  5. Instant answer – If the answer is one or two words, then that’s just displayed in bold, often accompanied by a featured image
  6. Carousel – This is the most relevant for eCommerce brands as this is where products are pulled in directly from eCommerce websites

3 simple steps to showing up in a zero-click search result are: 

  • Do not underestimate good content
  • Research relevant long-tail keywords
  • Include FAQ sections in your website with short, concise answers

Google sees close to 5.6 billion searches EVERY DAY. Which means, reaching the top of the search results page is not an easy task.

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