7 horror stories that scares the living daylights out of small businesses! 😱

Halloween horror stories
(Last Updated On: October 31, 2022)

Everyone has something that spooks them. Cockroaches? Spiders? Ghosts? 👻

The list is quite endless yes. But, small business owners have their own special set of anxieties. For this Halloween, we thought we’d discuss some things that can spook the living daylights out of them.


Check them out.

Negative reviews

Online sellers depend upon reviews and testimonials to get new customers. But what happens when your review section is filled with negativity? It can be pretty heartbreaking, not to mention scary for your business prospects.

Even though negative reviews that are constructive in nature are welcome, BUT purely malicious comments are a complete NO-NO. Just block them and move on.

Did I run out of money? Again?!  

Watching your bank account drain out is a real nightmare. Starting your own business can be hard enough, but seeing your savings run out – downright scary!

Not to risk sounding like a broken record, but this is why we always recommend – an emergency fund.

But beyond that? Here are some resources that can help you gain some strong footing through respectable funding sources:

Packaging fails 

Merchants who sell art online or other fragile handmade items, always have to be extra careful when packaging their products.

“I still have some customers who receive stained glass panels that were cracked. I always offer a free exchange for the customer, because fulfilment from my side was not a 100%” – Sarus Nirhali, Founder of Glasshopper.

The go-to option usually is bubble wrap, thermocol etc. but there are other environmentally conscious options like crumpled paper. Read the packaging hacks that we learnt from our conversation with the CEO of Printo here.

404?! WHAT? 


Your store link not working is probably the worst news to get! When a site shows “404” it could be because:

  • The content that was on that URL before does not exist currently
  • The URL typed is wrong
  • An external link is wrong

Even though the second one can be rectified easily, the first one needs more diligence. As an online store owner, you should regularly comb through your website to check links – especially old ones.

As for the third one? Your best bet would be to email the owner of the website and ask for corrections.

You’ve been served

To be honest, a lawsuit would be a nightmare in any industry. But small businesses risk losing everything they have worked so hard for.

Do NOT get sued. Even though it might not entirely be in your hands, here are some ways to protect yourself:

  • Follow intellectual property laws. (Read this for more details)
  • Avoid private conversations with customers which don’t leave any traces. Always email, text or call with the recording on.
  • Carefully go through your customer policies and ensure you have clearly expressed terms and conditions.

Related read: 5 legal mistakes to avoid when starting your business

Not a lot of love for a new product 

Small business owners sometimes have awesome ideas! Sometimes, not so awesome ones, but they still go ahead to make millions. For example – 7 Stupid business ideas that actually became successful (and made millions!) 

But more often than not, ideas fail. You can have a product conceptualised, and designed and then prepare a launch for it. The problem is- it doesn’t matter how good it looks like in your head. If it cannot satisfy a consumer’s need, it probably will not work out well.

Riddhi Rohit, the founder of Odd Trunk once had to change 200 pieces of artwork on her product because the designs did not look as good as they did on the computer.

There are countless horror stories of product launches that have just failed. (If a giant like Google can have as many as 25 failed products, you can afford one or two).

The spirit of entrepreneurship comes from accepting the fact that you have to fail, and then dust yourself right back up. You can do this.

Even with all these scary things, we are right there with you. From partnering with legal services like  LegalWhiz, to order management applications, and a whole suite of apps dedicated to customer experience, Instamojo has got your back.

Keep the nightmares away.

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