Pooji’s Opus: A handmade business preserving precious memories

poojis opus
(Last Updated On: October 26, 2022)

Starting a business takes courage. Quitting your comfortable job to run that business takes even more.

We had the chance to talk to Jaya Poojitha, founder of Pooji’s Opus — an online store that sells special handmade crafts. Read on to get inspired by her story and get tips to start your own online store.

Creating handmade products that spread happiness

Ever since her childhood, Jaya loved taking photographs. She knew that those memories will be cherished forever. Something that influenced her and made her happy is what inspired her to start a business around it.

The first scrapbook Jaya ever made was for her mom. “Since then, my passion dramatically unfolded as a means to spread happiness around me like a butterfly’s wings – it helps me connect personally with my clients as well as be able to touch them by sharing in their own personal happiness,” says Jaya.

By 2024, Jaya wants to make 40 billion people happy with her products! Now that’s a beautiful goal to set as a handmade products business owner.

The products on Pooji’s Opus online store include scrapbooks, journals, and memory box. Her work is connected to people’s stories, representing their emotions, and expressions. The products are infused with love, which makes them stand out from other brands in the niche.

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Quitting her job and being a full-time entrepreneur

Jaya started her career as an engineer. Working in a comfortable job with a good salary did not stop her from following her dreams. Despite those around her constantly telling her not to, Jaya was determined and brave enough to quit her 9-5 and invest her time fully in her online business.

Initially, Jaya started collecting orders locally. Then, she started a Facebook and Instagram account where she could reach more people who love her crafts. Pooji’s Opus has a strong social media presence. She share her art, crafting tips, and engages with her community constantly.

Expanding her business further, Jaya also started coaching services for clients. She believed that every woman should have financial independence and create an identity of her own. Craft workshops for  for women is her way of helping more omen reach their goals. Her workshop bundles teaches women craft skills and how to monetize it online.

online store handmade

Creating an online store to sell DIY crafts 

After starting her business on social media, Jaya realised that she needs an eCommerce website to showcase her products. One day, she stumbled upon Instamojo and did some research. Before long, she created her account and got her online store up and running.

“Starting an online store on Instamojo was an easy process. Initially, I has some doubts, which the customer service team cleared. I love how the platform is easy-to-use and I could launch my store in no time.”

– Jaya Poojitha, founder of Pooji’s Opus

Check out her Pooji’s Opus online store here.

Selling handmade products online on an Instamojo eCommerce website

When it comes to creating a brand image online, it’s more than just selling your products, especially for a handmade products business. Customers need to feel connected and find value in your products.

Let’s look at the lessons you can learn from Pooji’s Opus online store:

Well-designed home page

The home page is the first thing a customer sees when they land on your online store. When customising your home page, make sure it makes a good first impression and builds trust.

A standard eCommerce website home page contains the brand logo, highlights the USP, and showcases best-selling products.

With Instamojo online store builder, you can choose a theme that suits your brand. You also have other options to customise the home page.

pooji's opus handmade products store

Pooji’s Opus online store uses the Sakra theme available on Instamojo Premium online store. They also customsied the banner image with images  and copy that reflects their brand.

An About Us page

When creating an eCommerce store, never leave the About Us page blank. It may not be a page that makes sales. But potential customers who land their might structure their perception about your brand from this page.

pooji's opus about us page online store

Here’s a blog post on how to write an about us page for an eCommerce website.

SEO optimised

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making a website discoverable. As an online store, you’ll need to be found when customers search for your product on search engines like Google.

Some SEO best practices to follow on your online store include, keyword-oriented product descriptions, website structure, and image optimization.

Pooji’s Opus has a good website structure. The products are organised into categories and sub-categories.

online store categories and structure

Product descriptions are written based on keywords. Specific details of the product are given including dimensions, weight, material, and even care instructions. This makes it not just SEO-friendly, but also lets customers know exactly what the products are.

product decsriptions handmade products

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Ready to take the next step to bring your business online? Selling handmade products online is easier than you think! Get started for free with Instamojo today.

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